And So It Begins…….

“Why do we travel? To visit new cultures? To experience a different country? To celebrate an occasion? To escape?

To escape? Now what would we be escaping? The horrible weather, the repetitive daily routine or the real world? For Captian Liam Swift; he worked in a sunny climate, his life was exciting and ever-changing. Or so he thought. Then Liam’s amazing life became a mental torment.  Liam’s reality was collapsing in around him, enveloping everything, he was and knew.

Liam returned from an intense tour suffering from PTSD and blackouts which made him a danger to others. On top of his trauma he was in emotional turmoil as his long-term fiancé had upped and left with no warning. Liam could not cope and felt that he was unpredictable and a danger to those close to him. Liam had to get out of there. Liam had to escape.”



Keep an eye out for further information and teasers about The Lone Swift. Soon to be available to download.


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