It’s too much.

“There was the sound of fierce bangs and flashes of light. The images and sounds were inescapable. Liam could feel the dust settling over him and the sound of gunfire overhead. Something heavy was crushing his chest. He could not breathe, he could not see, panic was consuming him, the gunfire filling his ears. Liam could not draw a breath to cry for help. Then suddenly the weight of his chest was lifted.

Suddenly, Liam awoke with a jolt, the air flowing deep into his lungs. Liam was sweating profusely in his bed. The room was dark as he fumbled around for the light switch and flicked it on. He pulled back his bed covers and swung his legs over the side, putting his hands on his head. The vivid dream was fading away but the feeling of fear continued to overwhelm him. Every night he was tortured, every night the dreams returned, when would the torment end???”


I am proud to reveal the official back cover of “The Lone Swift”. Stay tuned for further updates, exclusive content and release date.


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