The Lone Swift – 5 Stars!

5 Star reviews of the Lone Swift!
on 10 August 2018
This book is an entertaining read with loads of action. It comes across well-researched, and the descriptions of Venice make you feel like you’re really there. The interactions between the characters are amusing, and you’re kept guessing right until the end who is responsible for all the terror.
on 30 August 2018
The Lone Swift has thrills, romance and comedy, all set against the backdrop of international terrorism and conflict in Italy. Very topical, with the threat of terrorism in Europe at the front of many peoples mind. It was very well written and brought to life the characteristics of the city of Venice. Amusing and likeable characters with a lot of laughs but also some dark gritty situations.

13. August 2018

This is exactly what I wanted, I’m glad I ended up buying it. If anybody reading this is skeptical about buying it, I say go for it! It’s a great price for what you’re getting. Truly, this is a very well researched and beautifully written novel for young adults and a great gift for any Italy fan.

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