Heathers the musical: A Magical Must see!


Heathers the musicals: I totally get it!

Fuck me gently with a hedge clipper!

Right, so were starting off this section with Heathers the musical. I presume you’ve never heard of it like I hadn’t until a month ago! Imagine a Mean Girls but the boyfriend is a psychopathic serial killer. I went in open minded and this sensational show just brought it and knocked me out of my feet leaving me scrambling back up to see what happens next! There are moments which will shock you, leave you hanging on to the edge of your seat and points where you cheer like a crazy person. You can never anticipate what is going to happen next in this show. It is insane! Just bloody go see it!






Now why is this section called magical musicals. If you can personally connect to the story or music of a musical, it makes you feel like your high on life a floating on air. My answer to this would be simply is that musicals make my heart happy. There are other things that do this as well, a good film, horse riding and travelling. But something about the theatre when its live action and there are so many adoring fans I have met makes it something special. (It’s an expensive high that I can only achieve a couple of times a year!”  I usually get this feeling when I come to London to see Phantom of the Opera. I have met plenty of people who attend the same show every week. I have not been this high after a new show for a long time. I am still riding on the feeling right now and I write about it before it fades. Musicals remind me how bright life can be. The light gets dimmed in everyday life but London reminds me just how bright it can shine!

Now back to Heathers:

The music: Fresh new with “Seventeen, I say No, Candy Store and Dead Girl Walking” being the highlights. The actors blew me away with their voices. “Dead Gay Son” was by far my favourite and unexpected twist in the middle had me cheering. Do not spoil the soundtrack by listening to it before you go.It makes the experience even better!
The actors: Lead – Carrie Hope Fletcher: I have followed her on YouTube for a while and seen her in Les Mis and the Addams family. This is the best role I have seen her in by far. Her voice is powerful and beautiful and commands the audience’s attention. The emotion and determination she shows during “I say no” seems to be a directly invoke a personal experience for the emotions she shows her in her sublime execution of the song. The joy of watching Carrie on stage is that she has such a love of theatre which is infectious to the audience. She loves her job and you can see that in her eyes every time she bows at the end of the performance. Carrie influenced the younger me to see more shows and inspired me to start singing. She has a long, successful career ahead of her.

The heathers! The three girls are priceless, all engaging and demonstrating the different personalities of the heathers! Each actress brings her own flair and their bitchy interactions are hilarious. Heather Chandler is my favourite.
Jodie Steele plays the evil godess with sass and flair, not to mention her killer voice. T’shan (what an awesome name) steals the show with “I will never shut up again” really bringing her character to the forefront and really reminds me of the queen bee who went to my school.

Image result for heathers the musical west end

JD: Jamie Muscato has a stunning voice incredible manipulation to demonstrate the volatile state of the character. Jamie’s rendition of “Meant to be mine” was terrifying but I can feel the loneliness in his voice. He has so much emotion behind the words he sings that it just takes you away. I haven’t seen many west end singers with this ability. At the start of “our love is god”, he just portrays JD as a hurt young man before showing the changing in his personality which is the very dark turn that ends the first half of the show. His psychotic expression towards the end of the show scared the crap out of me. You cannot help but fall for his bad boy persona and then become terrified of him right after. I was slightly starstruck and said that to him after. He just kind of nodded with wide eyes, I think I came across as the crazy one then. Like yeah dignity just left.

The Jock guys in their pants: *Fanning self* hilarious, fucking gorgeous and lovely face to face! They sing “You’re Welcome” instead of “Blue” in the west end version which I think gives the scene a lot more edge and depth to the scene rather than just having it as a comedic scene and builds on the story to “I will never shut up again,” which I think the broadway show was lacking slightly.


The message and fans of the show are incredible. Acceptance, love yourself, kindness! The atmosphere is unlike any other musical I have been too. I never heard a crowd scream and cheer so loudly during a performance. Afterwards, the cast came out to do a line sign and had a quick chat with each of the crazy fans including me, just turned! I met the writer and had a good chat and even talked about mean girls the musical which his wife wrote. Some wrote a personalised note and were so lovely. The fans could answer any questions I had about the show and I was there for at least an hour after talking to them. It’s amazing how lovely complete strangers can be when you share a passion for theatre. The cast and fans are amazing and blew me over and back again. Get you butts down to the Haymarket theatre and get your tickets. Cause otherwise you are missing out on one of the best shows in the west end!!!!



Colour me stoked!

Rumour has it Heather’s might be touring the UK in the next couple of years!

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