A guide to the Theatres of the West End

How to get Cheap Tickets:

  • Book in Advance
  • Book through the Box Office as they have the best prices.
  • Week Day Matinees are going to be the least busy compared to Evening events.
  • Summer is the busiest time of year try to avoid.
  • Special events like cast change and anniversaries are going to be more expensive.
  • Choose your seat and google the view from the area to see if you will have impaired vision.
  • Check last minute single tickets as there is often single empty spaces to fill up.
  • Single tickets are easier to get cheaper than group tickets.



Her Majesty’s theatre – Haymarket Street.
Her Majesty’s theatre is quite shallow which means there is a clear view of the stage from all seats. The stall can give a good view of the stage but can cut off some of the action at the top of the stage. Same with the royal circle. Recommended the grand circle, they are cheap with a good view and you are face to face with the Phantom in the rafters. Worsts seats: Row B at grand circle from start to tail as you will have to lean forward to see parts of the production. The left-hand side has the best view as a lot of the scenes are stage right. Warning there is very little leg room and it decreased as you get closer to the wall so don’t go shopping or book if your tall.

Image result for her majesty's theatre

The Lyceum
Home of the Lion King. This is a large theatre and very deep. The view from the balcony is clear but quite far away so not recommended if you have poor eye sight. The stalls give a great view of the stage and so does the balcony. Recommended the grand circle has a good view and extra leg room. Prices are slightly higher though.
Image result for the lyceum
The Apollo Victoria
This is a new theatre right next to the Victoria train Station and home of Wicked. This modern stage offers all round great views. You can get super cheap tickets for 12.50 with a great view of the stage from the grand circle but the side of the stage may be partially obscured. However, in this production if mostly centre stage so this isn’t too much of an issue.
Image result for the apollo victoria

The Royal Haymarket.
This theatre is surprisingly small. It is also shallow like its neighbour Her Majesties. The tickets vary from 25 to 100. But tickets for 25 can get you a good view. I would recommend one back from the balcony as there is glass protectors to stop you falling off the balcony which can get in the line of vision. The seats on the right or left can partially obscure the stage but it is not a deep stage so this isn’t as big an issue as there is in other theatres.

Image result for the royal haymarket theatre seating plan

Queens Theatre
This is the home of Les Mis. Tickets can be cheaper here but a decent seat costs about 40 pounds. This is a shallow theatre but there are a lot of issues with the stage being obscured and having to lean forward even in the better seats. The seats are close together with little leg room so be prepared to get to know your neighbours well. This theatre may be worth the while booking a pricier seat for the experience.

Related image

The Palace Theatre
Currently the home of harry potter and the cursed child. This is a large theatre with a very deep stage. The cheaper tickets are in the grand and royal circle. Even in these cheaper seats part of the stage will be obscured and the leg room isn’t great. For this production the stalls are ideal as you may miss some of the magic as it is obscured by the balconies. I could go into more details but there are a lot of surprises in the show. But if you look at the ceiling it looks like there are little snitches decorated all over. Tip: avoid tourist season!!!

Related image

The Duchess Theatre
This is a small theatre just off the strand which shows plays. It currently is the home of the play that goes wrong. Front row seats are great but the stage can be partially obscured if you are short. I had to have a booster seat. This theatre is cute and intimate and has great prices available for a show even when it is highly popular!

Image result for the duchess theatre

The Royal Opera House
This is an ancient theatre and o Victorian design. The seats have very little leg room and the stage is very far away from the balconies. If you book tickets in the side wings then a lot of the stage is going to be cut off since the stage is so deep. Recommend get an expensive ticket if you ever go to see a production here.

Image result for the queens theatre seating plan

The Prince Edward Theatre.
This is a cute theatre behind the palace theatre. It is the current home of Alladin and has lots of tickets available at cheap prices. Last minute ones off tourist season can be below 15 pounds. This theatre has great all round views with extra leg room. It is one of my favourite theatres for price, space and view.
Heritage seating and matching details at the Prince Edward Theatre, London

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