Paris: the perfect budget destination


The one place that everyone has to visit in their life time is Paris. Home of art, history and culture. Paris offers something for everyone. However, if you are under 26 and looking for somewhere to go rather than the party places on a budget this may be the place to go. Paris has an incredible collection of museums, architecture, palaces, shopping and monuments. Most of which are free for under 18 to 25-year-old Europeans with discounts at several sites as well.


Getting there and around the city

Paris is easily accessible via flights from pretty much everywhere on a budget. Charles de Gaulle is about a thirty-minute train journey from the city centre. It isn’t the highest-ranking airport in the world but it is easy to get around. However, be warned because the return train fair is 21 euros.
The euro star also offers a direct and easy journey from the centre of London to the centre of Paris. This takes about three hours but if your account the time and cost that flying would take it is actually faster and cheaper.

Once you are in the city there is a vast array of under and over ground trains to choose from to get where you need to go. All the stops are conveniently located and a ride is just under 1 euro. Though it is better to buy a few tickets or a week pass to keep you going as the machines can be unreliable and there is often ques.

If its hot in summer Paris also has an excellent bus network which is easy to navigate using google. You can use you train tickets to get around as well. Worst comes to worse you can get a taxi or a Kadi kadi or take a boat ride along the Sien.

Places to stay

Paris offers a whole range of hotels and air bnbs. The most expensive with the best view are south of the city and close to the Eiffel tower. But if you want something more affordable, I would recommend looking around Gare De Nord. It is still in the centre but is right next to the train for the airport and Eurostar and has lots of underground links into the centre which is less than 15 minutes away from the centre.

Top things to do

  1. Go up the Eiffel tower an hour before sunset. You get the best of both views and you can stay at the top for a while. Book in advance or you will be waiting a long time. Afterwards you can chill and drink wine and watch the light show on the grass around the tower.
  2. Go to the palace of Versailles. This is a day trip which you will need to take a train for an hour but this place does not disappoint. Marie Antoinette’s apartments, the hall of mirrors and make sure to hire a buggy to drive round the gardens.
  3. Go to Disneyland. This is the only Disney land in continental Europe and it will not disappoint.
  4. Go to Muse D’Orsay. This is one of the lesser know museums, previously a train stations but this museum holds Renoirs, Monet and Van Gogh’s masterpieces.
  5. Walk along the Champs Elysee. This road was designed by Napoleon to make the arche De Triumphed visible from the Louvre. It is a long walk but there is the original Louis Vuitton store, Lauderee, the presidents house and then the beautiful gardens of the Louvre where it is nice just to chill. This area is also the filmset of many films.P1010160
  6. Go see a cabaret show. The moulin rouge is in the north of the city and is home to the red-light district with entertaining cabaret and burlesque shows. These can be enjoyed by both men and woman in the fluid part of Paris.
  7. Climb Sacre Coeur. This has one of the best views of the city looking out from the hill. Ensure you wear respectful clothes if you are going in the church. The steps are tough but there is a cable car if you prefer. There are a lot of gypsies on the steps so be careful. Some of the best restaurants in the city can be found on the hill behind Sacre Coeur.
  8. Visit Notre Dame and climb the bell towers. This is currently shut after the fire but if you can climb the bell towers to get a great and ancient view of the city. The fisad is still open to take pictures infront of however.20181201_182200
  9. Go to the louvre and see the 14km of only a small percentage of the art work which France holds.10526177_10152220628308038_2099252056745023368_n
  10. Take a boat ride along the Sein. These are cheap and are a great way to get a guided tour of the city and maybe stop off at a few places on the way.
  11. Season dependent there are outdoor performances and festivals to attend in the parks and gardens.
  12. Cross Ponte De Alexander. This bridge is stunning and made in memory of the 2nd last Tsar of Russia. The rode also leads to Napoleon’s tomb. Be warned it’s a bit creepy!


Where to eat;

I cannot recommend French food enough. Snails are surprisingly nice, like garlicy mussels. Macrons from lauderee are the best thing in the world. Having crepes and wine beneath the Eiffel tower is one of the most Instagram able things to do. Just try places.


What to look out for

If you got to the travel smart page then you will see tips to save and skip the ques and how to avoid the scammers.


Paris is an amazing city which is welcome to everyone and there is so much to see you might need at least three days to visit this beautiful place.


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