The Lone Swifts Birthday


We are one year old. How is this possible? What have we achieved?

Well the Lone Swift book has been sold to nearly 1000 people.
The Jewel of the King is on its way.
The Cover Girl which is over a hundred thousand words is nearly finished.
In the next year I hope to get both of these out but you can imagine the editing is time consuming and I have ideas for advertising. I also want to put up a bit of fan fiction and short stories I have written for fun! These will be completely free.


The blog posts we have nearly hit 50 posts which is on average one a week. I have now picked up the ball and I am posting twice a week. Musicals are once a fortnight but I am beginning to run out of shows and money. I have a list to get through so hopefully I will keep it going but I have a few alternative ideas to go along the side and provide some entertainment.
I have a very long list of travel ideas. So, these will continue once a fortnight with travel smart being once a month! I will continue with confessions of a travelholic as I have many disasters to tell you about don’t tell many people.
Wildlife wonders has a lot of potential and I feel these will be better suited after I have finished the ecology season. I will keep posting and break down current news and publishing’s. I have a lot of old uni work which I researched myself I feel could be interesting.

The Lone Swift section is going to include more thoughtful pieces which will be once a month on a topic which has been bugging me. This page will also be for previews and snippets as you can tell I am a little behind on these. The first chapter of Jewel is already up so go have a look and keep an eye out for more information.


Any ideas or posts about what you want to see let me know in the comments and I will see what I can do.
Here is what we have achieved in the last year:

  • Over 2000 views with an average of 200 a month.
  • Reached readers in 31 countries in all 5 continents!


We have just started but who knows what the next year will bring!



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