Upcoming shows in the west end…

Upcoming shows….

(Or ones I am yet to see…)

After attending west end live last weekend here are a few shows which are coming or lesser known.

Thriller live

Thriller recreates the music of Michael Jackson collaborating all his greatest work into one show. The audiovisonary effects have been reported as unparallel and will get you up and dancing in your seat. The show is now entering its eleventh year making it one of the longest running shows in the west end and now has been brought on tour to over 30 countries.


Come from Away

This a relatively un heard of musical but has been awarded 4 Olivier’s and had outstanding reviews. It tells the stories of 7000 air passengers who were stranded in Canada during the wake of 9/11 and the people of New Found land invited the passengers into their lives. Its hard to know what this musical is about but so far it has some catchy songs. It isn’t at the top of my list to see but I definitely want to give it a chance.



9 to 5 the musical

This musical is written by Dolly Parton and is loosely based on the film. Follows the story of three different women working under the leadership of a sexist boss and events take an unexpected turn. This also stars Amber from Love Island and my word that girl can sing. It’s great to see her making her dream come true and I definitely want to go and try this musical.


Mary Poppins

This musical is finally returning to the west end. It will be replacing Aladdin at the prince Edwards theatre. This has been a classic for over 50 years and follows the banks family with their extraordinary governess Mary Poppins. I really want to see this musical and hopefully it will be coming on tour.

On Your Feet

This musical is the journey of Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio as they move from Cuba to Miami with classics like conga, Rhythm is going to get you and on your feet. From the clip this is an ultimate feel good, get you in the party mood musical that I would love to give a try.


Only Fools and Horses the musical

This is based on the old classic comedy only fools and horses with a comical side and some well written songs. This show has just been extended until next year so there are plenty of opportunities to go and see it. After trying the show and seeing the music at west end live, I don’t think it’s for me but it might suit people who have seen the show. Check out the reviews for more.

The book of Mormon,

Not sure about this one but I have only heard good things so it is on the list. I don’t want to spoil it for myself by listening to the soundtrack.

Fiddler on the Roof

This musical was a bit of a surprise because I have heard the name, I recognise a song but I don’t know where from. This show looks entertaining but I am not sure if it is for me. The mens song kind of dragged on a bit and I wasn’t quite sure what was going on at times. Have a look for yourself.


Now this is a musical I am totally down for. A total diva rock fest with the six wives of king Henry the eighth in an adaptation of his marriages. Girl power to the max and it is coming on tour so thats one to watch in Scotland.

Mischief theatre

From mischief theatre come two new comedies. Groan ups which debuts in September and when magic goes wrong which debuts next year. I am so excited to see both of these and I will be talking about and following mischief theatre for a very long time!!!

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