Reasons why not to travel in summer


Traveling is the best way to spend your money on experiences and not processions but there are certainly times of years when the thought of going abroad gives me the boke! Some may agree others may not but these are reasons why I don’t travel in summer.

  1. Weather at home;

Summer is the best time of year at home. The UV is low, the temperature is mild and there are so many places to visit where there will be absolutely no tourists what so ever. We have forests, beaches and castles right on our door step. I need to get away from city life regularly and going somewhere were there is very few people outside of my bedroom is perfect. I realise the irony of saying this while on a weekend break to London which will have more people that the whole of Scotland. The event will be worth it.


  1. Insects

Summer is the height of the mosquito season. If I get bitten, I am miserable for 2 days and the thought of being covered up constantly in the heat is just my worst nightmare.

  1. Airports

OMG airports in summer. Any other time of the year bar maybe xmas you can breeze on through. But in summer the lines are ridiculous. The flights are jam packed and luggage allowance is a lot stricter. There are screaming bratty children everywhere. Why are you crying you have a paid holiday? And they just stare at you over the seat and be creepy while the exhausted parents sleep. Flights are more often delayed. The heat makes everyone crazy. Passport control takes far too long. I just can’t even.

  1. Prices

Airlines and hotel destinations rob you blind. A flight that might be thirty quid could be 300. Who spends that much on flights? I could do a whole trip on that budget. Go outside of holiday season to get the best deals for a fraction of the price.

  1. Sunburn

You may need less clothes in the summer but the burn from more skin exposed is ridiculous. Everyone loves a tan but is it worth it in the long term exposing yourself to premature aging or cancer. I don’t tan unless I burn severely so I cover up a ridiculous amount. No tan since 2013. Look after your skin!

  1. The heat

The sweat. Crazy hair. Enough said.


  1. International tourists.

Package tour holidays are one of the cheapest ways to get around. But with no regulation of numbers there are way too many people to deal with. Every nationality of tourist has a stereotype. E.g. brits abroad are drunken burnt loonies. Everyone lives up to their stereotypes and are annoying AF.

  1. Overcrowding

There are hardly any regulations in place these days and if you are trying to enjoy yourself but you need to wait in ridiculous lines, in crazy heat its not fun. There’s always one sweaty guy who brushes up against you and makes you need another shower.



With the amount of people, the pollution follows. Many places can’t cope with the amount of pollution left behind. Tourists just simply do not care. If you want to travel ethically and environmentally friendly have a look at travel smart.


I could go on for ages but being an introvert basically other people just annoy me. So, try it out and see if you can catch the end of summer, save money and maybe just your sanity.

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