Ramin Karmiloo



I know you have opened this post to hear about my favourite west end male singer. But I am sorry to say that this post is going to have a lot of reference to phantom of the opera. If you have been back through my previous post you might have noticed my mild obsession of phantom of the opera. This actor has appeared in three of my posts now. See if you can go and find him.

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So here’s a little bit about who Ramin is. He is half Canadian, half Iranian and moved around a lot of his childhood. He dropped out of school early and performed in bands and on cruises. He started his musical career in the pirates of Penzance in 2001 and has gone on to be in some of the most famous running musicals. His credits include Phantom of the Opera; Raoul, The Phantom. Love never dies; the Phantom, Les Miserable; Enjolras & Jean Valjean, Miss Saigon; Christopher Scott, Anastasia; Gleb and many more.

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Since finishing Anastasia, he has wound down his musical career and has two boys which he spends a lot of time with. He has since had a role on holby city and is moving into television acting. He has done tours around the UK one of which I visited in Edinburgh on burns night of this year.

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Now to try and explain my well let’s not call it an obsession, enthusiasm over him. His voice is unreal. He has such power coming from his lungs which can fill the whole theatre no matter what the size. The depth of the emotion he can portray will bring tears to your eyes. Watching him live and listening to the soundtracks of Phantom did not do him justice. The best way to experience his voice is to hear it live and I am going to see him with a few of my other favourite west end singers.


Such is his voice Ramin has been a favourite of Cameron McIntosh and Andrew Lloyd Webber have had him reprise his most famous roles multiple times. Andrew even wrote an incredible song “Love Never Dies” to match his voice which is a little bit of a challenge to sing. Believe me I have tried. I wish more people knew about his talent. He deserves every accolade he can get. I have never me him at stage door. I don’t really think he is up for meet and greets these days but one day I would love to meet him.You never know. Go and check his career.

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