Writers block


Not gonna lie, I have been failing this page a wee bit. Since transitioning jobs back into the business, I have a lot more time but I have zero inspiration. I haven’t been to London in four months. Plus, with the mix of the dark nights coming in it has really affected my mood. But seeing as I will be going down in four days, I think it will really do wonders for my writing.
So, this is just a quick update and a bit of a thinking out loud article about how to get back on your feet after everything is just slowed down. I had written all my articles in August and I had enough to keep the page going until August. I had about 2 a week going up and started getting into the short stories. These were a lot more work and just took it out of me.
This year was also one of the best years for shows but there are so many more coming up. I spent money in September so I have several shows coming up in the next few weeks which should keep the page going until February which is when I plan to go back down. It’s amazing how a simple place can inspire so much happiness and I am really lucky that I am able to go to these places to recharge. Another option is New York but there isn’t anything I really want to go see there right now and it isn’t finically viable at the moment.


In terms of the travel blogs. I made the decision to put money into the business and it prevented me from travelling. I have a few trips coming up but I haven’t got any plans for anything new. I am aiming for a mortgage so I am planning on saving as much as possible this summer. I also came to the realisation that I only have a couple of years left to do working holiday visas. My new target is to get a visa and have a wee bit of an income to support travelling before I get out there. I might start writing about that journey with the plan of leaving in 2 years.

In terms of novels. I had the realisation that The Jewel of the King was meant to be released on Halloween last year. The cover girl is finished but needs editing and I have sent it off to some publishers. I think I want to work on it some more. It would be good to get one project out of the way so I can start on a new one. Something very exciting. I want to write a musical and I already know which one. I think it is time to go and get the spark back.

London here I come.


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  1. For a composition perspective, Lawrence Oliver says, in his article, “Helping Students Overcome Writer’s Block”, “Students receive little or no advice on how to generate ideas or explore their thoughts, and they usually must proceed through the writing process without guidance or corrective feedback from the teacher, who withholds comments and criticism until grading the final product.”


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