Shows for 2020


2019 was a great year for shows. What is in store for 2020?

Frozen the musical!
Yes that is right. You heard me. Frozen the musical which I reviewed a year ago is coming in October and I screamed with happiness when I read this!

Mary Poppins

Replacing Aladdin at the Prince Edward theatre, Mary Poppins will be flying in on her umbrella. This hasn’t been on the west end for a while and is meant to be a musical for everyone.

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Heathers the musical tour

Yes, that is correct. I called it. Heathers is coming on tour next summer and is actually coming to Scotland. The cast is yet to be announced but I have got so many people excited to go and see this at the festival theatre. I will have to try hard to not compare the cast to the originals but it will certainly blow my mind.

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Sister Act

Sister Act is coming for a short time in July. Starring Jennifer Saunders and Whoopie Goldberg for six weeks. I cannot wait to go and see this and hopefully meet Jennifer. The story of a woman hiding in a convent and brings people to the church by creating a choir. Check out the video.

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Phantom of the Opera

Phantom is coming to Edinburgh. Enough said. Dream comes true. The cast hasn’t been announced. I’m going to go do a double show review.

Moulin Rouge

Opened last year on Broadway is making its way to London during the spring. I have heard amazing things about this production. I have to turn this film off right before the end so I will be a mess in the show.

Pretty Woman the musical

Image result for pretty woman the musical

Another show making its way over from Broadway. I heard some good reviews. It is also available in February. I think I will need to head up for West End live again.

Les Mis

Les mis is returning to the soldheim theatre after the concert version. A new refreshed story set and building. I will be there to check it out and see Carrie as Fantine in the show. Rachel Ann Go will be replacing her so I wonder what she might be in. Mary Poppins perhaps?


Speaking of Les Mis micheal ball will be starring in hair spray in April. Cast still being announced. I think Jenny Oleary would be a great Tracey.

Magic goes wrong

The newest piece by Mischief theatre launching in the new year. If It is anything like the play that goes wrong or a comedy about a bank robbery we are in for a treat. I cannot recommend this production enough. Check out my reviews to see.

Image result for magic goes wrong

My word its going to be an expensive February.

7 thoughts on “Shows for 2020

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  1. Seeing this post is kinda of difficult.

    Due to now being in COVID- all the musicals I hoped to see not happening. Anastasia and Frozen got postponed- Blumenthal Performing Arts still hasn’t rescheduled those shows yet. Even though Blumenthal has not yet told us if Wicked will happen or not- but already kinda of now that is postponed- not too disappointing due to already seeing that musical four times.

    October was Frozen month as well- all I can do now is watch the two animated films.


    1. I know but it just is a list of things we can still get experience. Hoping for april and this year to be over with. Plus it was posted last year so who knew what was coming?


      1. I don’t remember everything that was supposed to come to Broadway- I know Music Man was one of them.

        I usually keep a closer eye on Charlotte’s Blumenthal Performing Arts- I rely on them to see Broadway Musicals


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