Confessions of a Travelaholic: Mischief


Weed in Amsterdam

First time visiting Amsterdam, I don’t think I told you everything. But what is Amsterdam famous for? The red-light district and weed. There’s no end to what trouble you can get up to. The Bulldog bars are a safe place to buy weed. These bars supply reliable weeds and give you varying strengths. I got the weakest and tried smoking it. My lungs hurt like a bitch and I just got giddy, but combining that with the alcohol. An hour later we ended up at a live sex show.
This place was called Casa Roso and there were couples having sex live. We were dragged there by the guys after checking out the alleys but then for the girls it was award. We were watching the tourists watching the people. I could not have coped with it if I wasn’t stoned. The number of Asian tourists coming in was incredible but then came the lady’s scene. A hot man came on stage and spoiled a lucky lady and gave us our magic mike moment.

After the show we went to another bar where the girls got some stronger weed because they weren’t feeling it? As a result, twenty minutes later, I went to find Gina in bathroom crying with happiness.

“Where were you? You’ve been gone hours?”
“It’s been 5 minutes”

“Oh, I would have come to find you but my legs ran away”
As a result I had to carry her out of the bar and she went into a munchies shop. Bought so much food and couldn’t finish it and ran off. I ended up having to foot the bill and ate some pizza. Bearing in mind I’m lactose intolerance the next day my stomach and my lungs hated me!

Image result for amsterdam weed

Stick to space cake!

Heart Attacks in Tuscany

Working in the countryside of Tuscany was like going back in time. The woman worked in the houses and the men went to the pub and discussed the young girls they saw on the street. So how did it look when four girls in their twenties unmarried showed up on a Wednesday night wearing next to nothing. Well rutting is how it looked. When out with some of the older guys with just the girls it was harmonious but when there was a younger guy out with us. It was like the were comparing dick sizes to own the herd.

No photo description available.

Leonardo. “I ride Amadeo, he is a big strong horse.”
Lorenzo “Amadeo is a wimp”
Leonardo “No he is not, he is a big strong horse who will tackle any foe?”
Lorenzo “Then why did he bolt off with ally when that tree fell down?”

My god should of seen them after when we all went skinny dipping in the hot springs.

Image may contain: 1 person

Strippers in Vegas

Visiting Vegas there was a new show called Magic Mike. If you haven’t seen this film then what have you been doing with your life? But the only problem was that the Vegas Magic mike was really expensive so we went to the alternate show called thunder down under. This was with all Ozzie guys and it was one of the best nights out I have ever had.


Not only did we get to see a lot of bare bottoms but I got my first ever lap dance off a very hot aussie guy. The show was so good and being drunk quite a lot of my money disappeared. And the night ended like this…


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