Can you have a fun weekend in London for under £100?

Can you have a fun weekend in London for under £100?


First attempt: No, you cannot. Bloody shopaholic + London shops, it was gone within four hours.

Second attempt: Yes, you can!

Transport: If the weather is nice just walk everywhere! Otherwise you can hire a bike for free for up to half an hour before the bike charges you. Also, if you plan your route then you may be able to walk everywhere and just take one tube journey to and from accommodation. No more than £10 for the tube for 2 days.

Food: On a hundred-pound budget you can’t exactly eat out for 6 meals. If breakfast is included in your accommodation then use it to save some money. If not a croissant or something nice from a bakery can be less than £1.
Lunch and Dinner there are so many options to choose from which are less than £5. Street food around the stations and markets can be plentiful and cheap so don’t turn away if you see them. If you look just outside of the tourist areas. At king’s cross there is a really cheap chinse where you can get a big meal for under £10. Small take away chains like wasabi do good food for low prices. You can also get a ready meal or cook in the self-catering if it is available to you.

Night out: Clubs are very expensive but you might be able to find discounted entry or pub crawls out of the centre. Camden has a great night life and around king’s cross has a lot of student bars.

Activities: On a budget you are going to be limited in your activities but if you are smart you may be surprised what is open to you. There are websites which specifically have details about what is on offer or for free whether it be a show or a special event so have a google before you arrive. If you look at the bookies and online then you can find cheap last-minute show tickets. Often there is an empty seat in a good place that the theatre would rather have filled than empty. Sometimes you can simply go to the theatre on the day and purchase such a ticket.
If you are wanting to do some shopping, stay away from the main shops or else you will be just be tempted. Try the markets and bric-a-brac shops. After a bit of haggling you can never know what you might find. Camden has specific vintage shops with amazing clothes for low prices but it is up to you. The budget might not allow you to buy a lot but it is fun to look.

There are a lot of museums which have open days for free but if you are interested in visiting a specific one then it can take up most of your day and save you money.

There are a lot of walking tours of London which can fill your day and bring a much deeper appreciation for the city. There are lots of ancient book shops, restaurants and other activities to view and discover. The best thing about London is just walking around and discovering new sites. The best activity is to go for a walk and discover what the city has in store for you.

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