The Subconscious Author


As an author its important to be able to come up with different scenarios and ideas which are original and entertaining. There have been times for instance a couple of months ago when I had finished The Cover Girl and had not written anything on here for weeks. When there is just zero motivation and ideas. I could just stare blankly at a screen and nothing would come to me. Being in a box which is my bedroom starting at a white screen, with the white walls and no view as winter creeped in was stimulating nothing.

I find there is a secret to my writing. It requires no energy or thought on my account yet I am the one who comes up with the concepts and ideas. But I am not always conscious when this happens. I am talking about the time when I am resting. My brain goes into creative mode and comes up with incredible scenarios and ever characters. I can’t explain it but I will give it a try.

Basically, if I’m struggling with a concept, I will just leave it and go off and do something else. When it comes time to have a nap which is my favourite activity to do at the moment. I swear to god my brain gets down to looking at the problem and coming up with ideas to fix it. I am slightly aware at this point and as soon as I wake up, I can feel inspiration strike. This is more often first thing in the morning if I lie in. It’s always good to have a note book and a pen handy in case I wake up and need to write something down.

This doesn’t only just happen for writing. I swear to god I have written actual good songs in my head but never written them down. Ideas for travel, life aspiration and blogs. But if I don’t get it down then it will fly out of my head and never be revived. I can be creative when I am awake but I find with my conscious brain things get a lot more muddled and wound up with my learning difficulties.

The ideas for the lone swift came to me while on holiday in Italy and I walked around the city the day after and I could just see the events unfolding around me and wrote them down. I followed their route and I could get the descriptions and logistics perfect. Jewel was an idea created when I was slightly obsessed with royal history and the musketeers. If you can spot the history reference from the Scottish and British monarchy from 843 to 1952 do let me know.
The Cover Girl was a dream I had that was so vivid it was terrifying. But the idea seemed to be so unique I wrote it down and started working on it. I have some parts which were completely from my imagination but a lot of the character development and linking scenes are from a lot of brain storming and melt downs.

However, over the last week I have had a bit of a recurring dream and then Katy came into it. And I woke up two days ago with the entire concept of the 2nd cover girl novel completed. I’ve written it down and I am going to start with the brainstorm and time line as soon as I have finished the editing of Cover Girl. Keep your eyes peeled, thank god for my imagination.


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