Ten things never to say to someone with dysgraphia


  1. If you focus you would get better results.
    Hah, sometimes the more you focus the worse it gets.
  2. Your hand writing is atrocious.

Well it’s the best I can do, what’s your excuse?

  1. Nothing you have written has made sense; did you even try?

Believe me I did, it makes sense to me but I obviously haven’t conveyed it well.

  1. You’re just a bit thick.

Fuck you!

  1. It’s not fair that you get extra time, you don’t get extra time in life!

Well I probably didn’t even finish the exam without that extra time and you getting up and leaving making a racket didn’t help.

  1. How did it take you so long to work out how to spell that word?
    Because who ever came up with it wanted to make my life hell putting in silent letters.


7. Dysgraphia? Did you just make that up?

 Just because you haven’t heard of something doesn’t mean it isn’t a real diagnosis.

8. It must be the same as dyslexia?

Not quite, its actually the opposite.

9. Did you just make this up, I’ve never heard of it?

Well go educate yourself about the world. There isn’t one type of mental illness why would there only be one type of learning difficulty?

10. Does it mean you can’t draw a graph?

Are you hearing yourself?

11. Oh, I think I have that too, it’s a hard life isn’t it? or I’m a bit dysgraphic!

You could have a mild form but unless you have been diagnosed by a professional don’t claim that you have something. If I see a crow doesn’t mean I can fly!


Yes, I have been asked all of these. Think before you speak. Ask questions nicely I don’t mind. But if you ask a stupid question, you will get a sarcastic answer!
Just don’t be a dick!

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