Weird Experiences with Men Abroad


Want to hear some of the strangest things I have experienced while travelling. well look no further.


Now Vegas is one for the bucket list. This place is amazing fun, sexist and crazy. Being the young 24-year olds in the hotel and walking around with the most beautiful person I know. Things got weird. For one thing we got into all the bars for free and queue skip just because we were pretty and on our own. I got the manager of the hydes business card which is at the Bellagio hotel and one of the most exclusive venues, quarter of a million a booth and we got in for free and free drinks.

Yet if you run out of money you can spend a little amount gambling and you get offered three drinks all night. We got endless Proseccos and yes, we didn’t tip much but we lost all our money gambling. IF you get stuck go and watch the large slot tables so you can pair up with some rich tycoons. But poor Sarah. She is stunning, Finnish, twenty-four-inch waist, size G boobs. Hair that is nearly a metre long and always in heels. I couldn’t leave her alone for a second.

On the board walk we were watching the sunset and she literally went ten yards away to take a picture. I turned round to see her running back to me in heels with a homeless guy chasing her yelling “MERMAID, MERMAID!” That was just the start.

At Halloween we were drunk! Nearly hospitalised drunk! We were in the balcony of the ceaser palace. These guys came up to us. I had a blonde wig on which got some more attention. A guy came up to Sarah and told her he was a youtuber. She was like how many subscribers. Ten thousand. We just snorted and asked what his job was. He was a trust fund baby. He got laughed away.

On the casino floor though, we were on the slots. I finished up and went round the group to the other side of the slots. I played maybe two turns and then went round the other side. There poor Sarah was sat with a guy harassing her with a white powdered nose. She asked where the fuck I was and I had been gone maybe a minute. What the actual fuck!



Yes, this might be my home town but there are some crazy things happening. End of the season staff party we headed out. It was bar, activity, aka laser tag in heels. Guess who won. Few more bars and then to some clubs. As always everywhere shuts down in Edinburgh at 3am. There was talk of an after party. Now the thing to remember about this story is that this was being organised by my managers!!!

We went to the “after” party which was in a flat. We went into the sitting room and there were some gamer guys playing games and listening to weird music. They had been out and so had their mates. I was there with three of my bosses. Soon as we got there realised that it was a cocaine den. Not the first time I have been offered crack but I was like no. Dealers are nice if you don’t want anything.

I was staying with one so we had to wait for the end of the party! Now I don’t know much about drugs but people on cocaine are fucking annoying. The freak next to me talked about breakfast for 10 minutes listing food. He didn’t like it when I told him to shut the fuck up. They had a friend who was lost and didn’t believe in the internet. It was nearly 7am by this point. Fifteen hours since we started. I was sober. We couldn’t sleep till they had found their friend.

He had a dying phone and was walking the opposite way home. The day busses were running at the time. He kept moving and no one went to help him. They didn’t give a fuck and my go they would not shut up. None of my bosses did anything but this was one of those situations you’re like wtf is happening!


Saving the best for last. Oktoberfest is a tradition. Three girls walking around in our dirndls without a booked table. What’s a girl to do? Hang around and get invited to a table. This took under a minute and we sat with these three guys. One was an air bnb host who left. There was one really hot guy who I chatted too. One quiet guy so Ira paired up with him and they didn’t speak. There was the inappropriate one who chatted up a waitress. And poor nessa ended up with the unsociable freak.

So, it started off just chatting. Turned out my guy had a girlfriend so he was just a laugh. They ordered us a beer each which we took. Nessa’s guy kept saying how pretty she was and kept asking her questions. Ira hadn’t said a thing at this point. The guy started making unwanted physical contact and was getting drunker. Nessa turned her back to him and ignored her.

This poor guy seemed to never interacted with a real human being. He begged for her attention and I suggested we go to the loo. We went in and she was like help me so she came and sat between me and the hot guy. They were lovely and the hot one and the quiet ones started talking. This guy was nearly crying and kept leaning across the table and grabbing her hand. She had to tell him to stop.

She and Ira went to have a cigarette which I didn’t mind but I was left alone with the guys. The weirdo literally begged me for Nessa’s number. Which I didn’t even have. Then asking for her email address and I had to just say to her that she was not interested. Also, the weirdo was practically having a waitress on the opposite side of the table.

After like twenty minutes being sat on my own, they started hitting on me which wasn’t working. I was so uncomfortable and they knew it wasn’t happening. Thankfully the hot guy rescued me asking if I wanted to go for a walk and the quiet one came with me. They helped me find ira and nessa who were close but making connections. We chatted without the freaks and it turned out they had agreed to travel but didn’t realise how weird they were.

We went to the shooting range and I think I scared them. I had a flight at 6am so we didn’t stay because I wanted some sleep. IT was an interesting night but ironically ira and the quiet guy became quite good friends.


Just typing this I realised I have so many of theses stories. Want more?

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