Travelling with nightmare friends

We all have that one person. They are the most amazing friend. Incredibly loyal and fun but sometimes they are a total nightmare. And you end up on holiday with them. I’ve done this with a few people and one who I lived with for four years. You think living together we would get a long travelling really well but to be honest when we lived together, we had little issues except from who took out the bins. Cause we both had our own lives and we did what we enjoyed together. So, when I suggested that Sarah was going to meet me when I had finished work in California. What was I in for and how can you deal with the situation?

New York

We got an amazing deal for 5 nights in a hostel which was cheap. She was used to classy but this place was clean with air con. She arrived angry as in immigration they had interrogated her about what I was doing in America. She had no idea so it sounded fishy but we were meeting up there. I had minimal items and she brought twice as much as me for a week as I had for 3 months! I made a lot of friends and she scared them off within five minutes as she didn’t want to meet other people. So, we didn’t make any new friends.

We made a plan to travel around the city. We couldn’t understand the trains and ended up on the express train to Harlem. I didn’t have the fanciest clothes and she complained I looked like I was going for a run. It was SOOO hot I had to wear shorts and a top. I did try flip flops but they broke and we had to hobble back to the hostel to get my only other shoes.

My hair was mad as well as I didn’t have a straightener which she also complained about! We went out for dinner every night which I always let her choose because she is a genius, I just give preferences and budget. I dragged her to a musical and we went shopping like crazy. However, in Guess we both came out with the same dresses on and decided who looked better in it before buying. I suit skater she suits body con.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t go out as we were 20 and if we got caught, I could lose my visa. I don’t think we had argued so much as when we were in the city but we are the type of friends who scream at each other and move on. That’s the way it is.


The year after I wanted to go to Paris as it was cheap but it was also another hot place. She wanted a hotel so I booked one but it was on the outskirts. Sarah likes to spend on holiday. I don’t have as much of a budget. Being under 26 you get in every museum for free like Versailles and up the Eiffel tower. IT was so hot and chaffing was an issue.

I wanted to go and see all the museums but she wanted to go shopping. We did compromise but we spent a lot of time hanging around the city as we couldn’t just pop into a hotel. I didn’t fit so well into sizes on this trip and I didn’t have as much money. It was a bit annoying.


The main problem was when we went to Disney land. I HATE roller-coasters. Anything needing an overhead protection is a no! So, we did rocky mountain and crush coaster but that was all I could cope with. We didn’t have working phones so I went to meet princesses and she went on crazy rides. It was actually faster on our own. I got to go on ratatouille within a few minutes.

We missed the princess parade which was the only thing I wanted because she wanted us to go on crush coaster. It broke down right before we went on and I was having a panic attack! She let me hold her hand which never happens but she laughed at me the whole way. Not to mention insulting my horrendous French as well. We needed that month apart before unit after that!


LA and Vegas

This time Sarah was living in LA and I went to meet her when I finished as we were finally over 21. We were 24. I love her choice of food but I had a budget of 90$ a day. We spent about 70$ on food. We stayed in the fanciest hotel with all the amenities. I didn’t have the immigration issues on the way to her. After being asked what was the purpose of your visit my answer was to get drunk which the guy said was a great answer! She didn’t want to go out anywhere. She slept till 4. Yes, we went out but let’s go have fun. I dragged her out on the strip and she was so angry the whole time. We had a great time eating and drinking but it was too a bit much so I went and did my own thing.

When we were in LA, I had to wear leggings she was so horrible about my outfits. Like I can’t believe you looked at that and though it was acceptable. Also, my skin reacted to the pollution and I had a really painful break out! I got a facemask to help but it got worse with make up so I didn’t wear some one day. She said it looked like I had a disease. What a bitch!

Also, she had no internet on her phone so I had to pay for all the umbers which we were going to half. She wouldn’t let me stay with her so I had to pay more. Which she didn’t think was fair on her. Like I’m all the way out here and its going on my card so she covered it but it was a nightmare! I needed some space.

Money could be an issue. I had to save up a lot and go into savings for that trip. It was a bit much but I think I would like to travel like that now I have more than a student loan.


London and Paris

This was with Sarah at some points but the main protagonist is Katherine. We have different values. In London she offered for us to stay at hers. I wanted to be closer in the city in my hostel and Sarah booked at hotel that we hung out in and hardly left. I’d even gone a day early to do my own thing. Sarah choose where to eat again which was epic. Katherine came and didn’t want to spend any money and complained like mad when the staff did nothing wrong.

Katherine suggested we go to the 5-star restaurant in canary wharf, complained about the prices and having to pay the service charge. It was ridiculous. She didn’t find it funny when I asked the waiter what kind of cave the cheddar was in. He went and got details. I felt so bad but we gave him twenty quid. We finished going up the shard and she called the German tourists in the lift with us some Nazis. I can understand German and they were MAD. She kept complaining were too politically correct. Bulgarians!

Not to mention her complaining about the hostel buddies who I ended up being friends with. Being racist to her own friend. Being obsessed with guys and not talking about anything else despite wanting to be single. She wouldn’t shut up about turning 30 in 5 years. Having no money. And I told her to go away while I was shopping. I wanted to get everything I needed. She was so annoying and had no appreciation for history. Can’t make jokes about the royal family when I’m grilling the guide for questions!


Overall traveling with people is tough. You have to make compromises. Or tell them to fuck off and know better not to travel with them in the first place!

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