Happy 34th Phantanniversary

Happy 34th Phantanniversary

This should be an amazingly happy post with the achievement that this show has brought and with everything that is going on. Each day we step further away from Phantom and hopefully to an new era but the limbo between is slowly chipping away at my heart. I look back as I’m watching the 25th anniversary at the royal albert hall edition on my tv. IF you want to read my review of it back in April it was one of the last posts.

When I look at the words I wrote back then, I had energy the fire, the passion. But slowly that flame has grown dimmer without phantom since then and without me realising. Everything has been all to intense with the media and backlash affecting us all. Now being stuck inside again and the thought of winter coming without my normal trip to London is pissing me off to be honest. We are at the point where the cost of covid to the majority of people has become greater than that of the effect of the disease on us induvialally statistically. I want this year over.

But I need to get myself out of this little void for you. I know there has been no musical post recently but here is the first one to give me the kick up the arse to catch up on the shows which I have had in a backlog. Let’s celebrate that this show is nearly 35 and this time next year I want to be down in London watching it before I take of to start my next adventure. How to rekindle that fire and bring back the passion.

This is what we need. Escapism from the monotony and shite storm sent upon us by the media. The twitter community is an amazing group that brings the power and the voices back. Everyday there is some link to Phantom or a quote or a meme. Something to remind you that the phantom is here even if you can’t see him he’s there.  Don’t let the passion fade. We need to fight for the arts to return not only for ourselves but for the future generations and beyond. ART IS WORK. Watch out for Josh Pitterman performing on BGT tomorrow. Make the most of it! Phantom will return! Happy Birthday Phantom!

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