Travel Guide for Idiots


Traveling is the best thing in the world. But there are some hard lessons to be learned which can save you a lot of hassle;

  1. Plan in advanced

You hear all about how people get last minute deals for all include getaway deals. But if you plan a trip well in advanced you can get the best deals, out of season tickets and comparable prices. Companies also bump up the prices each time you search again so it takes a bit of manoeuvring round the cookies.

  1. Use travel insurance

If you are a regular deal finder. It is likely that you will book the most awkward times to save money. There is always a chance something can happen which could cost you more than triple the price of the trip. You are entitled to be looked after in Europe but there is no way you are guaranteed a reimbursement. If you get a yearly deal it can save you a lot. Don’t take the risk.


  1. Bring a power bank

Your phone can be as important as your passport these days. For routes, money, tickets and contact details. Keep it charged because you never know what can happen.


  1. Watch out for scammers

You hear so many swindles abroad and the gypsies trying to sell you tat and over pricing. We have some examples here but read up what are the common ones in your location.


  1. Bring a padlock

Keep your valuables locked up at all times even when you are there. Things can go missing and its safer to keep things locked up. If you are sleeping and there isn’t space keep things by your head in bed and maybe wrap an arm through a strap just in case.


  1. Insect repellent and sunscreen

Enough said.


  1. Bring emergency cash

Don’t take everything out with you in one. This will help you budget and stop you over spending. But it is better to have something just in case. A credit card is often a good idea in case of emergencies. If you can control yourself…


  1. Avoid shopping and eating out

If you want to enjoy yourself and have a great experience avoid the shops. This will eat away at your budget. You can cook for yourself to save money or go to bakeries and markets instead.


  1. Pack light

You would be surprised how little you might need on a trip. Enough pants, one pair of shorts and jeans. Few tops and an all-round jacket and you are sorted. Plus save money on baggage and it will never be lost by an airline!


  1. Make friends while travelling.

You can stick to your own schedule and still make friends. These are amazing bonds with like minded people who want to experience the world as much as you do!


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