Mischief Movie Night In #1

This in an original idea with the whole mischief cast taking ideas from the audience to have an entirely improvised night with the new lock down is a brilliant idea. This cast is going to get us through the lockdown. The concept starts with a zoom audience live giving ideas to the host so that they decide what is going to be shown. The ideas were quite dark but it was a dark space musical theme called Lasers and Quazers. With special glasses and a supporting role of a sloth. What on earth is this but its going to be hilarious.

I have only been to an improvisation once and the actors had the audience learn call out switch and you could yell out. So, we tortured them with the most ridiculous scenes and made them change their minds every 10 seconds so that they had to yell at us to stop. This scene has something like this with the host Oscar pausing the scene to explain things and give some direction. The space ship has a captain on a cruise ship called pleasure which is a pleasure cruise ship in space. He doesn’t think he is cut out for the job but he is going to sing his heart out while hopefully wearing an amazing pair of glasses. This leads to the cast to forget to start to singing.

They inspire the first space song with the opening of “Cabaret – Bienvenue, Wilkommen.” (I am also improvising this commentary/review!)” They keep cleverly rewinding it with the genius pianist totally winging it. I’ve got to admit this musical is genius, they are totally winging and trying to make up the verses and sing a random chorus together. But hell, they nailed it. They managed to come up with a killer chorus and one of the actors seems to be directing the rest for the number space space – beyond the horizon/stars. Thought I think it would be funny to have the last lyric the space is Mars.

The next scene has two people on the cruise meeting and ordering the same thing causing a spark between them. The context is completely confusing and the other actors just throw in random facts while they try to make a serious scene. The cast solider on to bring the story line together. They try to copy each other while slightly losing it with the ridiculous back stories they come up with. A moment to see Venus results in a panicked actor entering the stage with no props or idea what he is doing that makes me lose it. The scene ends with the two characters getting creeped out and leaving.

The next musical number is at the cabaret with the captain’s table. What on earth they are going to come up with for that song is going to be priceless. Some characters are pulled because they are too inappropriate and manic but I hope they make an appearance later. The captain’s entertainment ends up with an argument of the cast as things start to cross the line to inappropriate with the director pausing to remind them and the innocent excuses getting worse and worse. They then cut to the director’s cut to show a little bit of back story which make absolutely no sense. While the captain talks about his love life a sloth enters the scene who looks something like toxic Joe which is creepy as hell.

The sloth is the best character by far as they just stare blankly at each other looking for inspiration and trying not to laugh. I feel like it was channelling Zootopia. There was a joke but to be fair with the slow accident I have no idea what he was saying. After repeating himself and resetting the scene they get it out…. Knock, Knock, Who there? A man…. The poor sloth gets the joke wrong several times after a fast forward the answer is; “man with a sloth”. What on earth was that joke? Their faces made it funny despite it not making any sense. The sloth leaves the scene with the poor sloth dragging himself off in shame. What on earth was that. Blooming brilliant.

The captain chats up the dancer with the strangest back story comes the next song about stars. I was thinking it could like I could show you the stars. This love ballad is completely winged with different types of ballad and speeds. With the sloth dancing in the background. Feliz sing the pop songs while the poor captain gets ordered to rap by the director. Which is not a car crash. The best line is “We can go back to my room and have sex with a broom.” When it gets cut very quickly and cut to apologise to the audience! Way to lay it on too thick captain with a Broom Fetish! Oh, wait the dancer has an Alien Boyfriend, what a twist!

The poor boyfriend has to speak backwards which is a bit harder to pull off than it seems. The poor captain gets dumped before it has even started. The two were meant to be as they both have a broom fetish. What the hell has gone through their minds during lockdown. Poor Captain Michael has a very over dramatic heart break. The co pilot takes over the scene with floating asteroid heads in the background. The asteroids come in to take the ship out and the captain gets called back up to the bridge while he is having a meltdown. The asteroid attacks the bridge in a bohemian rhapsody style. Somehow the co pilot survives this dreadful attack.

Meanwhile listening in the walls in the cabins are the love characters from earlier. The creepy couple meet to cower away from the asteroids. They express their love in a weird dance number which is a bit like watching your dad trying to look cool at a school dance which continues with the rest of the cast trying to continue the dance behind them. Absolutely priceless. The couple break to go and save themselves. They go to help the captain who is running in and out of shot.

The weird couple want to help the captain to save the ship. They get told by the audience to always take precautions and bring your pet sloth on a date! Might be the most useless pieces of advice I have ever heard. The night ends with all the characters singing about holes in their hearts and everyone getting a partner even toxic Joe. They manage to come up with a crazy final song of Lasers and Quazers which pulls together the whole show despite half of it not making sense, being slightly in appropriate and utterly hilarious. Hats off the pianist for making up the music the whole night! What a success. I will be checking into their other shows over the next few nights! Do not miss it! What professionals!
PS Can you make an over 15s version with no limits. That would be amazing!


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