Mischief Movie Night In #3

Tonight, what is it going to be from the amazing performers. It looks like it is going to be a fantasy and horror movie. The location of the night is going to be in IKEA which seems ridiculous but hilarious. Who would have thought that IKEA was such a scary place? Tonight’s amazing show is going to be called Flat Pack Attack!

We start in the warehouse with Ben being slightly afraid on the night shift. Poor Ben gets his name confused and has a little bit of work place bullying for being short with some funny quips in the background. Suddenly some crashing noises come from overhead. Ben locked the other warehouse operative with him being taken by the creature or thing that is so scary.

HR jumps onto the back of his employee to look out over everything he built and they want to find out what is taking out all of the employees. Poor HR was a joke character has somehow become integral to the story and he really doesn’t seem to know what he is saying. They talk about a hunter who is able to come and investigate what is taking out the employees. Sampson goes out in search of the man with no name in the wild.

In comes the first twist to have the most over dramatic cutting of a lemon. In the over head you hear when things are the sourest you can always find the most beautiful thing. Though the mother likes to make arguments over head is the mothers deep and unruly voice throwing in quips like I found magic is a jar of preservatives. What are preservatives?

In the midst of fireworks Ben proposes to his girlfriend but they are interrupted by Sampson who walks in and his girlfriend goes to “prepare her finger” to leave them alone with a lovely expression of disgust. This scene needed to be reinacted three times because it was just so funny. Sampson and Ben run off into the mushroom woods to find the mysterious man who could help them stop what was in the warehouse. When they get creeped out in the grave yard for the mand the floating fingers of the nameless man stands behind them. And of course, the man gets poor Ben’s name wrong and he can only speak in rhyming couplets. The man tells them his name Nahem, He seems to be a floating half and suddenly they end up in the desert and then the woods. Pay attention to the screen guys It’s too funny.

This whole show really had no plot! Here comes the song of archery and slingshots to bring down the beast. The song has all the characters singing about the archery montage to stop the monster. Even Oscar doesn’t know what is going on. They make their way down to the warehouse to take down the monster. Weirdly the monster noise seems to be coming from the warehouse. But the monster has Bens girlfriend and gets killed between two book shelves? But how was she taken. This is so confusing. Suddenly Helens mothers ghost enters the scene to give advice. Can the answer to destroy the monster be in a jar of preserves?

The jar of preserves are the answers to make the magic to save the town from the monster which they have released. But before he can get anywhere Sampson gets killed by the monster. HR cries out in despair while making an emotional scene eating a banana. Was this even going to be put into the show. The whole cast start doing an Irish jig while in despair and giving them time to think. The whole thing was totally out of sync and the director continued to make them dance until it looked convincing.

All seems lost as HR dies and the rhyming man with no name suddenly has a name with Delta von tassel arrives in the scene! He gives him the magic slingshot and a jar of preservatives. Does he need to throw the preservatives at the monster with the slingshot? He has to make a rhyme of flam and Amidala. Simply by repeating the words over and over. The poor actors on the floor twitching in depth but shedding multiple tears of laughter. Throughout the whole scene. The jar of preserves was inside him along. I think its going to be the magic inside of him. And out come the jar of preserves from his very own chest and throw them at the monster that is about to strike him down. The monster is gone and suddenly Sampson arrives alive. The names get mixed up again as HR’s daughter gets confused and HR becomes his father HQ. Has Helen made it?

Poor Ben can’t even see that Helen is behind him and yet he doesn’t notice him. Even her precious mother has made it out of the monster’s gut. Her mother has such a big beard. Delta arrives into the scene to marry the pair in rhyming couplets. With the closing musical number Sampson looks like he wants to interact throughout the scene with a song about being in IKEA as the ending love ballad called its Ikea. Despite this production not making any sense and completely winging it the ending was surprisingly strong. Can’t wait to see the last two shows they have. Keep it up guys.

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