Mischief Movie Night In #4

What a way to spend this Hogmanay. The full company is on tonight. We missed out on last nights fun with a love story of a Koala and a woman. How could we miss out on hat so let’s hope that this is an extra special night? Some of the requests are fairly odd like a magical mystery or an American drama or a period drama set at Christmas. The choice of this one is a period drama set at Christmas that has the full cast super excited. The location of this show is a crazy cat lady’s house and the main character is called Penelope Mayhem. We can expect amazing product placement, some pinkie promises and product placements in the show. Time for Cat in the habit.

The sisters at the convent have been rescuing middle class babies but one of the sisters has been having inappropriate dreams which is full of riding innuendos and half the cast running in to help her picture them. All the women want an awakening and the sisters faint thinking about the stable boys even flashing to the stable boys getting each other sorted out. How they kept straight faces through this scene I had no idea. But nothing that a tea and a biscuit can’t be solved by.

Sister Silest goes off to the stables while mother superior prays for her and god answers very quickly. The stable hands some how are from Chicago to work in the stables. Apparently in Chicago there are no horses only camels. To make a camel they make a three-tiered turtle creature before cutting back to the last bible being gifted to him in world. Despite him being an atheist, the bible gets taken away as young nun walks in to chat up the stable hands.

Wycombe comes back in time to donate the last bible to the convent. The poor nun is terrified of the gesturing horse and poor Charlie goes to sort him out causing the show to be instantly turned away. The cast gets a yelling at for making it an appropriate show and they all seem to be losing it. The nun has conflicting feelings and throws the bible out the window. They want to pash but they are forbidden so they have to exchange gifts of balls to kiss and swap over. Henry Lewis has the best suggestions in the show. The innuendos are coming in thick and fast.

The correct way to handle a horse

Back at the convent comes the nights register which is in a musical number of the register. All of the nuns are male so taking the register has many different high and low vocals. Even with the song they the number of nuns wrong. She was missing and they nuns get out the harpoon guns to bring her back in. The nuns are after her and the bishop come in to bring her back in. Who is weirdly Irish or a pirate and they can’t pronounce the right the papal enforcer with the weirdest pronunciation and a wizard? Papal enforcer. The scene gets paused as the poor sister cannot produce a whistle stalling the whole show to get her to do it unaided and she somehow ahs to ride side saddle to her friend.

Silest is with the stable hand by the river talking about love and life. But they get discovered at the tree house discovering that they are not trying to bring each other to the lord. But the scene gets split in two with poor Silest trying to run in between the scenes which gets faster and faster. With the scene ending with the cameras getting left behind and the poor actors running in and out of shot.

The papal enforcer gets to Silest first with the bishop from Ireland in England? They try to take Silest but Penelope Mayhem gets there in time to get the devil sucked out of the Papal enforcer. He is just an innocent man and not the bishop for to take out everyone. Now the bishop takes Penelope away while Silest has to make the big choice of who to save. Back at the stable Charlie is taken and locked away by his father. Poor Charlie waits for Silest to rescue him with two abandoned children.

Silest tries to convince Charlies father and Wycombe to tell the children what is in their future. But Wycombe throws one down causing everyone in the show to panic and really ruin the scene. Charlie gets oiled up and suddenly the father feels for Penelope. This sort of sends the scene into turmoil and the bishop takes back control with his back story of a broken heart and turning to the church for help. But the father comes into the scene all tongue twisted.

The last bible is brought out causing the father to go into hysterics as Charlie beats the Papal enforcer to death. The Father takes out Charlie with a strike and their singing of God saves Charlie because it was in his diary. But the lord actor needs a chance to redeem himself by naming all of the characters but can he do it? No, he can’t so he just gives everyone one name to make life easier. Ironic that he is the man with no name.

Will Charlie make it back and he does the lord saves him, despite the father not being killed. I think that there is going to be a new musical number. Together they will make erotic poses all over the world with Mother Penelope watching from a distance. To the ending songs all you need is a tea and a biscuit and ave maria. Oscar looked so happy at the end of the show despite some kinks in the middle, what a wonderful end to the show. And not one actor was told to get out! I love these shows and it is a delight to know that there are going to be 10 more shows in just a manner of weeks! I think for Oscars sanity that is best advised.

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