Mischief Movie Night In Returns


This needs to be a nightly thing!

After having to quarantine for 9 days so far and tomorrow if the first day of freedom. Might have spent today crying but that is just a normal Saturday for me! Let’s get this party started. So, if you have missed this before basically Mischief takes ideas from a live audience to choose the theme, awards and characters from twitter. All of it is live and improvised. So, after a little technical glitch the show is off again! Today the goes wrong show actually went wrong.

The theme for the night is going to be an eighties musical. Tonight’s cast has Jonathon as Oscar, and the full cast except Henry shields tonight. Maybe he got banned from always pushing the edge of inappropriate. The location of tonight’s show is going to be in a library. Poor Oscar is falling apart tonight with all the things going wrong. It seems when it is really a little wrong it actually stresses him out! In the middle there is going to a be a training montage, a terrible rap battle and a ghost gag. Is Henry Shields going to turn up! This show is going to be called careless whisper.

Already Oscar calls the characters tunely challenged within the first thirty seconds. Here comes a crazy dramatic song about the library and omg I can see that there is another cast member joining in but I miss Charlie Russell! But Nancy is back so I look forward to seeing her acting out some of these scenes. The musical number is about getting you in the mood to read but a hell of a lot louder than you should be in the library.

The number of 80s cliches interrupts the dating characters and the actors realised half way through that lot of their items are from the 70s. I’m sure they had computers and not type writers in the eighties. As they talk about the literature they sing about their favourite parts. We can see that one of the actors isn’t a well-read man as his girl friend fills in the missing information. The second number hits the screen called take a second look. Which is actually really sweet even though they kind of lose it on the last verse. Marcus the actor who changes his names is beginning to redeem himself!

The library is going to be removed to make room for computers. The major seems to resemble Cruella de vil and even a regency character. There is also a silent cowboy just creeping out the show who turns out to be the major’s illiterate son; Grimes. Oh gosh this is going to be a hoot and a half! Here comes the bulldozer to bring down the library on order of the mayor. But why does the major hate the library or is it because it she is sad that she can’t read. And she threatens to kill her x4 special someone!

Here comes the best musical of the night where the major sings about library’s which turns into a percussion show as he slaps her like a drum. Apparently slightly too hard but they go for it and this was why I was thrilled to have Nancy in there! There was a full musical number and her x4 times special person played her like a drum the whole way while doing the most cliché dances. But it results in a hat being thrown perfectly onto her x4 special persons head which is the most amazing moment so far! Favourite line is “Ow, ok we are really going for it now!”

Back to the library they need to argue why books are so important! The children are learning about books and Nathan is in the scene with his intellectual equals. I think toxic joe made an appearance here! But the major’s sister gets the news broken that the library is going to get bulldozed down to make way for the new tech centre. Can they stop it from happening?

Cut to the documentary in a laboratory about the making of popcorn and getting colonel and curdles mixed up! It looks like no one learned anything from that show! The poor major is getting her hair dresser to reach her dog love bone book. From shaving to waxing to bunion treatments going on! Her sister comes in sad but needs her nephew to translate as she doesn’t speak sad. The two sisters argue about the values of books and getting her son to be educated.

My favourite part is when henry lewis started throwing hats all over the stage to try and get the hat on Dave’s head. Poor Nancy couldn’t reach until he had the idea to bend down to help her. They finally get it on his head but it takes about twenty times with henry running around in background.

With a little bit of a flash back from the beyond. The major now changes her mind to save the library with them. Grimes into education. They rush to stop the library being bulldozed with a rendition of I’m not going to miss my shot! All chaos ensues but they manage to get to stop the library being bull dozed with a little bit of abuse towards the poor mayor sons. The love characters seem to have swapped over a little bit but this show reminds me a little of Cruella devil and Frozen with the sisterly love. It had a heart-warming ending but my word Dave and Nancy stole the show for me tonight!

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