Mischief Movie Night In #5

Who’s going to be acting in the show tonight. I am dying to see Nancy perform again! Let’s hope that both Henry’s are back with some more inappropriate behaviour and Oscar yells get out at some point. Tonight, we haven’t looked at any spoilers to see what might come up. And suddenly I see that Henry Lewis isn’t there tonight so that is going to be a miss but Shields is back. So let’s get started! Some of the choices for the night is teen rebel, time travel, super hero and villain origin story. There is a poll error where the poll doesn’t show on screen which of course doesn’t work on the goes wrong show. Somehow through the magic of technology they choose the super hero movie at a school called The Primary cape crusader with rejected hi fives and bragging about things that aren’t worth bragging about. This should be interesting.

The show starts off with two children playing danger hopscotch with some dodgy hand shakes between the two of them. They keep correcting themselves and explain the jokes which is pretty funny. You have to love all the smirks going on in between the scenes as they keep winging the scene. The first class of the day is algebra for six-year-olds with the students knowing more than the teacher. The teacher gets a lot of abuse throughout the whole lesson with one of the students being called an accident and Oscar pausing looking astounded by the whole scene.

The teacher is savage and brings up the students to compete against each other. Meanwhile the goblin Vivian in the background tries to get hi fives in the background that don’t amount to anything. This is going to be the origin of the villain. The heroine has her 22nd birthday who has made it as a super hero but he is going down a dark path. Stevie is the super hero and poor bobby has resentment for her while he works as a janitor at their old school.

Stevie has a boyfriend who turned out to be their childhood bully Kyle. Meanwhile he is up in his apartment with his goblin plotting to take their revenge in a time travel regime. Though Vivian is half invisible as his tie disappears into the background. They are going to send back bobby and Vivian to go and stop Stevie getting her super powers. Poor Kyle keeps getting challenged with his green screen skills. It is actually going a lot better than the last time!

Bobby is still having a hard time from his teachers but Kyle comes to him and they want to travel back through time to stop Stevie getting her powers. Bobby falls for their evil plan and becomes six again. But he utters a swear word and needs to be slapped on the shoulder blades by the teacher. Bobby runs off with Stevie but we flash back and forward to see things in the future changing from the events in the past. Her strength and speed are disappearing while Kyle speaks really slowly to try and get his next lines in.#

Oh Can I feel your bicep!

In the memory, they have run off yet the teacher is still there and you can see the actors losing it in the back of the screen. They talk about how they want to be special and get their powers. The scene is so cute as they climb up a tree and talk about the future. But as she gets down from the tree. Kyle reveals his plans as Stevie is needed and she can’t help them. All the new presenters report that she has been shot and is down.

Bobby is back from the past and meets Stevie at the hospital after some very questionable surgery by a goblin doctor? Bobby admits to contributing to taking her powers and Stevie leaves but then kicks him out as she is still in the hospital. Vivian wants to get with Kyle but once his use Is up there is nothing more Kyle wants from him. Betrayed by him, Vivian goes back in the past to stop Kyle from ever getting rich or stopping Stevie from getting her powers in the past. This film is brilliant with all the changes in the rules and poor Oscar is losing it throughout the show.

Vivian turns out to have some random powers which causes Oscar to go completely over the edge.  Will Stevie get her powers back when the teachers bring her down. Vivian shows her what she has to do and gives her the choice of becoming a hero or give up her friendship. The teacher lets the lesson played out as Stevie remembers who she is. She gives up all of her powers for love. This end is really confusing as half the lines and questions don’t really make any sense. Kyle sounds a bit like Donald duck and Vivian turns him into a time lord. The whole show is utterly perplexing.

In the future, Bobby is a widdler of wood (?) and Stevie is training other little super heroes. Mrs Crum is off to teach the children who will become the next super heroes. Stevie still has her powers but sacrificed it all for love. But in the end he can accept her being super and she heads off into the sunset to save lives. This was a strong performance but I feel it wasn’t as entertaining as last night but what a sweet story in the end! Maybe we all need a bit of Lewis to send things of their rocker. But I do enjoy seeing Oscar descending into madness.

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