Mischief Movie night In #6

Tonight, the host is Henry Lewis as Johnathon has the night off. No shields either but let’s see who turns up over the weekend as I wasn’t able to catch the week ones because of work. Tonight’s show is between a ghost story, a disaster movie and a spy thriller movie. The poll is in and tonight its going to be a disaster movie. For once the zoom link actually worked. The disaster is going to be a flood in an American high school! Oh, I can’t wait to see the different standards between Henry’s Oscar and Jonathon’s Oscar on the acting. Here comes tonight’s show High Tide School with some special awards.

The opening act is a musical about the school being a flood zone. The sun is called look at the sun introducing the characters into the show. Including a love interest with two male characters. Some worn out teachers and some happy go luck students. Their star student Benedict to keep going through the year. The teachers need a little bit of a nip to get them through the day as teaching is their passion in life. Janean one of the teachers struggles with remembering the name of any of her students so just openly insults them and forgets her daughter.

Janean talks to the other teacher about her wishes to adopt a child while ignoring her own daughter who needs her. But the scene cuts to see Benedict who has managed to fix a problem that the teacher has been struggling with for a long time. The weird engineering teacher gives foreboding information that he is going to be integral to the remainder of the story. In the back ground there is random Morris dancing which looks more like the hokey kokey than anything. But to be honest I am not sure what Morris dancing looks like.

Benedict flashes back to his parent’s death who fell off a pier and were eaten by sharks. Which was a complete surprise to the audience and then the shark proceeds to have its own monologue. But on the side other side is a full-blown weather report whiles his colleagues freak out the whole way and they can’t seem to calm themselves down. The freak flood is coming. The teacher is at home with her daughter who can still not remember her own daughter’s name. This causes her daughter to go to poetry school which is slightly contradictory to the story line so far but let’s go with it.

Meanwhile Benedict goes to Jessica’s room to get her attention but he hits the windows of the crazed meteorologist, the crazy duck and then Jessica’s mother. In the back ground as Benedict and Jessica bond are some interpretative dancers who aren’t really doing much and its pretty alarming. But Jessica and Benedict break into song about the engineer and the poet. Wow Jessica can sing!  This song isn’t as strong as they are winging it the whole way through. The side glances are so priceless.

Everyone escapes to the school to get away from the flood. It started in a street in New York with floating cars fighting in the air and then the water rises. To the point New York disappears and the cars float around wit ha head and then disappear as the shark surfs through the flood water.

Back in the school, Benedict could be the only one to save them by fizing his boat to make it to the damm to fix it. Bringing on a random pirate musical that gives him the time to fix the boat in order to get to the damm. IT turns into  a little bit of an irish tune and they pass the time. Are they drunk? Oscar was so impressed with the sea shanty. He is so much better behaved when he is the director.

They put everone into the boat to ride out the waves while MR Damdorth is keeping back the water. Benedict goes out to save him while trying to hold back the water spliting between two scenes. Benedict makes it back to him and helps him get back to the boat but it is too late. But the ducks (girls) come in to save both of them and get them back to the boat as the flood waters fall. Poor Dave falls over and recovers well bu tI am not sure if it is interntional. Even Oscar is a little concerned.

Ducks to the rescue!

Meanwhile Benedict and Jessica reunited and Jessicas mum had to got engaged to the drunken teacher. While being pointed out that they are brother and sisters in law. The story takes a weird turn as they plan to spend their lives out on the open sea. They sing about the engineer and the poet making it out to sea with a final sea shanty.

It was a sweet show but it went too well for me. I think we need to have a good comedy coming up. Henry was a very well behaved Oscar. Too funny. But again I think Dave hearn stole the show. Bring on the next fifteen shows. Boy we are going to be busy here! Put Jonathon on the cast.

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