Mischief Movie Night In #7

Jonathon is back as Oscar! The camera is so much lower. Today there are two shows one at the normal time of 8pm and there will be another at 12pm which will be exciting. Some of the show options for tonight are low budget soap opera, another super hero request and a creepy thriller. The film is going to be set in an aquarium super hero film. The title is going to be The Suicide Squid. Tonight, is going to have the full cast in the show. Some of the awards are for the most poorly themed restaurant, most emotional thumb war and a mind reader predicts what people are about to say and do. Bring on this hilarious show!

Gerald and his boss are looking at the octopi (not octopuses!) and they discuss how much they love the fish and what makes them so interesting. With some interpretive renditions of a fish and a crab. The fish likes to heckle the Gerald throughout his work under the water getting rid of the scum off of the bottom of the tank. Why are all of the fish so posh? The gastronomical illusion fish is on it’s way and is delivered by some dodgy men with some dodgy Scottish accents (David Hearn?).

This fish is going to make them rich and they take it to the aquarium. They bring the fish into the aquarium and the fish starts to talk at Gerald in a really creepy accent. What an amazing fish interpretation. It freaks him out as the rest of the carers come in to announce the arrival of the fish and get it announced in the news paper. But the supplier is aiming to destroy the aquarium and all of the fish in the sea. Oscar reports that all these plans are very conflicting and I am already confused!

Meanwhile the aquarium owner has an allice. Melissa who is she? Gerald starts to look after the gastronomical illusion fish. But the fish talks to him and reveals he was an experiment to go out and destroy all the fish. But the fish gives him a power to save all the fish. After he gets the helmet stuck on his head in the process. His task is to save all of the fish in the world. Cut to Gerald finding himself in the musical pogo restaurant where Gerald quickly runs off.

However Oscar pauses the scene to get them to do a random musical number about the pogo restaurant where the poor workers are worked to the bone and dying but they keep dancing in unison at the pogo restaurant. The whole number is performed while bouncing in unison! What a spectacular number and Oscar keeps bringing them all back to the restaurant in order to torture the different actors. 

Cut to the office where Melissa is discussing the strange things that have been happening with poor David Hearn deciding to be a desk. He was ok originally until the rest of the class started to play buckaroo with him having boxes and loads of different items on his back. The banter tonight is priceless and has me howling with laughter. However Melissa reveals that she wanted a human squid breed to draw in the punters. Poor Gerald sounds like he has bit his tounge.   

Melissa is revealed as the villain and master mind behind the plans. IT seems like she makes so much more sense than the muppet with the sunglasses and a grudge. Poor Gerald is going to be put on display with his new precious fish. Gerald is left to change into a squid thing and the fish reveals he was once a little boy. The fish have the power to save everyone including making his eyes pop out , throwing ink out of his gills and grab things with his tentacles. The mind reading fish keeps getting things wrong despite having the powers to save everyone. Who thought of those powers, how will they save the world?

The bad guys have been killing the fish for 67 days while the fish have been training. I’m loving Bryony being the super villain in charge of all the muppets who wanted to kill all of the fish.  They look like they are going to be giving everyone massages. But to make it all level they are going to have an overly emotional thumb war.  The sound effects are pretty grim. The war is commentated on the side as they tickle each others palms.  The illusion fish will only send slurs at them and he loses the thumb war by melting his opponent in ink. This is a very odd thumb war and the commentators call for an action replay. This is too priceless.

The illusion fish turns against Gerald. He needs to kill the illusion fish but they reflect back on their time where their relationship blossoms including visiting the pogo restaurant and the tentacle tickle party. These two are priceless. But Clair comes in to the scene to tell Melissa to stop and come back. The dialogue gets completely lost and confusing that poor Bryony starts laughing. The squids commit suicide being the suicide squids and all it lost. Melissa is going to repopulate  the fish stocks and open the conservation for fish. Henry shields does the most appalling Geordie accent. They openly mock her in the background. Yet there is an evil fish waiting in the corner and it ends the show on a cliff hanger. It didn’t quite go to plan and was indescribable. I can’t wait for the next one tonight!

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