Mischief Movie Night In #8

Here we are again here at midnight! You might wonder why I am up at this time. But I actually took a few hours off work for this. And I will be working after this like a crazy person. Someone please tells me how to calm down! Some of the suggestions for tonight include a musical heist, Disney or a doctor/hospital drama. Fingers crossed for the musical heist! And the result is Musical heist with a touch of Disney in it! I am so hyper but it might just be cause of all the sugar I ate to keep me alive! The location of tonight is a museum called Now Museum, Now You don’t! The awards for tonight are the best hostage rescue with a location that has no hostages, most unfortunate timed phone call from a concerned parent and a scene where Oscar has a short Cameo role! Oh excellent! And I have already pissed off my flatmate from laughing too loud at midnight!

Opening musical is about what you can see at the museum. The tune seems to be similar to a few that they have done before. This number is called roll up and it really gets the ball rolling. I hope they channel a little of a comedy about a bank robbery which I am dying to see. The first scene opens up at the jail where the prisoner Tom who is the hero has a very friendly guard. He gets his possessions back and there is a locket with an old flame called Suzanne. Tom gets in the car with his mate Dan who has nicked a golden pistol from his Nan?

In the car they talk about the ex-love called Suzanne who works at the museum but they are know about a job to nick something expensive which is going in. They have a discussion about all of the characters which all seemed to be called Dan. Maybe Dave is going to forget all off his character names tonight. Dan doesn’t want to lose Tom again like they did big Dan, Shark Dan, one legged Dan etc. And on comes the next musical number but they are paused before they start Oscar stops them to remind them not to swear. On comes a RAP song. Oops he got the name wrong again. Bringing on the Bro song about an easily convinced man who will jump in a van cutting to the girls looking baffled.

Suzanne is in the museum talking about the different types of tusks. The director is a Karate black belt which Oscar enjoys cutting too and she nearly falls over. But Suzanne is just interested in books and learning instead. They discuss the jewel which is guarded by lasers and also a swinging axe. Before they cut there is a random hostage rescue but it is just a little bit of a random sway.

Dan and Tom get too steely Dans house as they want to get the band back together. But Stealy Dan tried to steal their trousers in a little bit of a random act which is gets the actors confused but they get away with it and the line. “Stealy Dan always trying to get our knickers!” I wonder if the audience know what they are on about. In the background is a new Dan called Teethy Dan who takes a Nuns teeth? Not sure what on earth that was?

They discuss before going to get the last member of the band that Suzanne is seeing someone else. But the last character to join the band is tech Danielle. She has a song about the annoying customers and being put on hold. Bring on a rock number called take it up with manager which is very short and sweet. Tech Danielle is in for the mission and she shows the prison officer watching cat videos and then turns onto the pornography which makes the characters break. They are really pushing it tonight. Danielle quits her job and officially the band is back together.

They head back to “Heist Joint” and sing the whole way there. Teethy Dan just stand in the back ground chattering. Meanwhile Suzanne the last one working at the museum. Her boyfriend is also her boss and she gets put in charge of guarding the jewels. Suzanne gets confronted by Dan and Tom, but being a badass woman she knocks the out with her silk cleaning clothe. They fight about what went wrong. Turns out Suzanne was in it the whole time and they need her to get the jewels.

The old creepy boyfriendcomes out to ward off Tom. Who knows how she ended up with that creep. Tom then just reveals the planinfront of them.  Tom gets a reaming for revealing the whole plan accidently. Stealy Dan hands out advice about how to clean the windows. But suddenly Oscar appears for his Cameo and gets forced to sing and dance a lymieric about cleaning a window. The other actors jump onto the directors seat to yell insults that he has done at them the last month.

Dan gets interrupted by a phone call from his parents right before the heist. After a lot of heckling they all slide down the drain pipe. Oscar catches the revenge director and make him rewind and replay the most embarrassing scene over and over and gets his revenge! With a bit of sophistication on the laser manoeuvring and the tech department removing the laser Suzanne turns them off and they grab the jewel. It takes a few attempts. They get the jewel. And the Dan is injured fighting the boyfriend who accidently catches them. They are getting the names wrong again.

They make it back to the van with some of them being injured and others not. All the Dan’s are saved by toothy Dan. Will they make it? The Curator is there with his gun ready to take the gun. Suzanne needs to shoot him down. But Weird Dan gets there just in time or is it big Dan? The poor actors seemed to have lost a little grip on reality. Dan doesn’t make it and professes his love for Danielle as she dies too and finally the watch gets taken back. Even Stealy Dan was shot and hands over another watch. They all seem to be dying in order to end up the night. But they had the jewels all along and run off into the sunset.

With one final musical they wrap it up! They sing about their new life about now Museum, now you don’t and all of the actors coming in including Oscar. What an amazing ending and the name ties into the song so well. I think that was one of the best and all the actors were exhausted. Absolutely priceless. I hope they get a good rest before the next one in 14 hours. Will we be awake for that one. Of course we will! Even though it is right at the end of the shift and I hope you will be too!

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