Mischief Movie Night In #9

This is our third one of the days. I can’t believe how many they have pulled together in one day. They must be knakkered but proper professionals keeping up the energy. Tonight, the suggestions are a rock band trying to make it, fairy tale or a regency romance story. Dam it looks like its going to be a rock band romance ahh! I was dying for the regency one. A few of the locations include a light house, in a castle or in a car wash. Tonight, it is going to be at a light house called Light over the rocks with the awards of best choreographed washing up, Dudley Mcdiddles who can only speak in riddles and Chesney Hawkes pun. (Not sure who that is) Poor Oscar is not very rock and roll so I think this will make it funnier.

The scene opens in the light house with the rock band performing in the light house and they are already fighting over lack of the funds and success. They need a manager to get them to get to the next level. But meanwhile there is a manager who needs to find the next big thing. Could it be the nights of lickter? The manager goes through all the audition tapes with the different bands forcing the actors do throat singing off poor bryony who just sounds like a strangled goose. They keep coming back to it.

The managers are going to sign the throat singers but the scenes cut back to the band who are dreaming of being in the crowd and making the music. They pay an homage to Chesney Hawkes. I really need to google who that is. But the band head to the open mic night to get their chance of getting signed. There are a few different bands performing which they have to wing every suggestion given to them by Henry Lewis. Including the throat singers, some crazy venom snake rockers and then the knights of light come on with their washing up song. To be honest it’ pretty good but it turns into a homage to their mothers. Their mother looks like she wants nothing to do with it.

The band miraculously get signed but Gerald gets left behind He gets confronted by Chesney Hawkes. Who has a scene where he betrays his family? The bands got their separate ways while the band makes their debut. The throat singers are very high miniatous and the actors do what ever they can out of singing the throat songs. Poor Henry Lewis doing the utmost to force them into it. The throat singers take wing and leave the agency leaving tambourine Tommy.

Gerald is getting himself signed and leaving the band behind. But they need to be one in order to make it in the industry. Gerald sings as the light house keeper on the Chesney Hawkes show. He does amazing getting to the Grammys but he doesn’t seem happy. He sees the band back stage on his big night and they confront him. He decides to change his mind and go back to the band and playing three-year old’s birthday parties.

The two managers reconcile over the failure of their bands despite making some money in the end. Tommy Tambourine is all that is left with some of the dodgiest flirtatious dancing since Dave Hearn performed on the stage. Wide eye emoji as Oscar stops it before it gets even more painful. The band get back together with thousands of people making their way to the light house to see them perform. Wow Nancy has a strong pair of lungs on her! The final song is there is a light over the rocks with Oscar rocking out of the side and Chesney Hawkes revealing to be their father.

This was a good show and very funny. But I am just so tired from working and enjoying all of these shows I just wasn’t feeling it. Bow is the time to have a little bit of a rest and get back to it for Friday with new energy and fun!

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