Mischief Movie Night In #10

Here we are for another movie night. Tonight is going to be an exciting night as it has been 4 hole days since the last show and I have been dying for a show. Tonight’s show has an escape thriller for Camelot called the quest for Sir Escapesalot. This seems to be the ideal show to start back on. The cast have paced themselves out a little more this time and the create crazies are back. 

The scenes open in the dungeons of Camelot with the fake king telling his niece and sister in law Lucrishietta that they are going to be imprisoned for ever as they refused to bow to the correct King. They are going to be trapped in darkest dungeon for the whole time. Arthur their father who is also a farmer who likes to boast about his sheep is hidden there as well.

The King is Tim who has taken control of the castle. He is renowned for being the most feared king in the country who has had many lives. Despite having and original story line he keeps forgetting the details and freezing up during the scene. He marries the chef and they both turn into a crazy savish couple. They force their vicar to bow all the way to the ground and have one of the strangest dances I have ever seen. To funny.

The queen and Lucrishetta are in the dungeons but they are able to find a crack to make their way out. The green screen randomly changes which confuse the poor queen but they wing it and get away with it.  The meet Espanol on the way out the French men with the Spanish name who agrees to help them escape. They make it out of the castle by riding barrels cast over the side of the espanol. They dramatically fall into the water and Oscar forces them to rewind and replay.

Up at the castle the King and the queen spot them and start the pursuit in slow motion which triggers the full scene just to be filled with a tirade of slow motion banter. Oscar screams at them from the side but they all ignore him and start a chugging competion with the Vicar who has to down a full barrel of mead. Oscar finally gets them to fast forward through the scene. This whole thing is happening with poor Espanol dead on the ramparts laughing his head off. In his frustration Oscar gets them back on track after 4 minutes of them mucking around in the back ground and absolutely bombs the princesses names.

The queen and the princess make it into the woods to find their father. But they are confronted by the creepy archers Bod and Tod who have to speak entirely in Shakespearian quotes. In comes some incredible rhythming in Shakespearian tounge. And the guys absolutely slay it even though some of it is painful and makes no sense. The poor girls have no hope. Oscar points out that Arthur was in the dungeon and has gone for a wander. Bod carries them away in the wagon while they are serenaded by a medieval tune. Bod goes to protect them with a cloak of disguise but he can’t get it off so tosses it at them across the stage.

They make it to the spot to meet their father. But Doris is taken away on a creepy stair lift to take her up to the sky while the robots carry her off and leave Lucrishietta alone to find her father.  The stair lifts dramatically carry her mother away with the eeeaaakkk noise. The poor stair lifts had to hold her up for a good while while Oscar looks confused from the side. Lucrishietta walks into her father and can’t pronounce his own daughters name.

The King Tim walks in ready to take Arthur down but everyone turns on the King Tim including his new wife except beard the guard. Tim is caught by nets which are Not Easily Traversable systems. Lucrisheitta sends out a secret message to her father and explains it was all in the carrier Pidgeon. The scene cuts to the sheep being slain except for one which distresses the King calling him a DESPICAPLE PERVERT! They start to have an argument and Oscar have to cut them to stop the banter continuing. The King is going to take the mace to become the King but the women have to race to give birth which doesn’t really work. But the mace glowed when Lucrishetta holds onto the mace.

The old king from the zoom audience are the voice of the King yells the baby. Which was very important for absolutely no reason. Queen Lucrishetta becomes the queen of Camelot. The two queens reigned together which they had another medieval shanty and release the saviour Espanola. The future Kings reign after their mothers with a dally dally diddley Dee! What a good movie and way too funny. I think the pent up silliness of being stuck inside all the time has made the jokes funnier!

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