Mischief Movie Night #11

I know I am a little behind on these and I have a couple to catch up on before I forget but they will be up asap. Tonight, we have our Saturday crew who tend to be a lot sillier. Let’s see if there is going to be any character confusion or ignoring of Oscars directions tonight. Can you believe they have gone through so many of these shows without a hitch! Tonight’s show is going to be maybe a RAP musical, Western zombie movie and a period drama. Tonight’s show is a western zombie show in Edinburgh on Arthurs seat and it is called Wild Feast! OMG Carrie Hope Fletcher is watching tonight with some suggestions!

We open up the scene with Dave Hearn’s epic Scottish accent with everyone else with an American accent. Johnny enters the stage which is completely misses the camera. Johnny forgets his line already and keeps looking confused while Oscar yells at the women in the background. The have to get out of the bar because the Zombies come out at night. With a lot of Scottish clichés thrown in the back ground. They walk through Edinburgh alone in the night with the creepy noises in the background.

They go back to the random American mid-west home in Edinburgh where they want him to join the family but they talk about the dark times that haunt the city. The talk how the zombie leader was formerly their best friend and he needs to take them down. But the zombies gather on Arthurs seat where the leader tells the story of his old friend. The leader starts to sing about the about the virus in a random rap song.

It’s actually really good as they have a discussion about what the leader is called. IT’s actually pretty darn good. The zombie leader is called Rambo and he is the coolest zombie out of them all. He eats poor Jill the human he was brought who has the best part of the RAP. Hats off to them for it. And throwing in all these different accents! I think this was the role that Dave was meant for.

After they go back to the family and they meet Fergus Pickles who only likes to tickled. It cheers the characters up as it has all been a little too dark as Oscar points out. But the mother gets infected by the Zombie virus and infects Mr Pickles. Johnny shoots his friends mother in the face and upsets the son. But they head to the hills to fight the zombies.

Oscar cut the scene to see what the make believe horses do during the night. It turns out to play bridge with all of the other woodland creatures but it just gets weirder and weirder. I think I’ve been getting some of the characters mixed up. Who was Johnny? The zombie guy is called Stitch. His nephew had seen his father killed in front of him. The poor kid is having a hard day but makes it back to stitch and the over acting horses.

The Stitch came in to sing about always having fun in life for the most crazy dancing in the back ground by the weird horses. They can fake singing cause they repeat so many lyrics. And the father enters to sing his lyric and gets cut off as the music stops and the lights turn off. Leaving Oscar in hysterics.


Nancy carries in Stitch on to the stage and they get her to haul him across the stage. That girl is strong! Stitch and Rambo reminisce when they were both human and Rambo wanted to be strong. The nephew is turned and  Rambo has a choice to save his nephew. But Stitch has been infected all around to the shock of the other zombies. All of the family turn out to be immune. The father appears alive despite having his heart ripped out.

All of them have a gun stand off with look of confusion on everyone’s face. They shoot each other in the face leaving only the zombie horse and the father who survived having his heart ripped out of his chest. Rambo survives and comes back to life and only needs a tickle from Dr Pickles and saves everyone from being a zombie and a gun shot wound. Tickling saves everyone and they sing it out with their amazing RAP and tickling. Way to bring it back to a positive. Poor Oscar is left equally as confused as all their expressions as they just go with what Everyone says. Harry Kershaw is just as chaotic as Henry Lewis but I think this was Dave Hearn’s night to shine with his villain performance and RAP scene!

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