Mischief Movie Night In #13

This is Watch Out part two for Sequel Sunday the first part only being performed and created two hours ago. I am so excited and still a little confused as to what on earth happened. They are so excited for what on earth is going to happen and here come some more suggestions. After a quick recap we see what happened last time and realise just how confused everyone got and how random the chicken gag is. Time for the audience suggestions, has time passed? Maybe a couple of months and they are out at sea. Or perhaps 6 years 3 months and 47 days or perhaps 10 years into the future. That is going to be the vote for the night. The vote for a few months which isn’t going to let them forget some of the inaccuracies in the plot so far. Tonight’s sequel is called they Sphinx it’s all over!

OMG my suggestion got put on the show and got a round of applause! I got my insta put on it and they are going to use my character suggestion! The start off a few months later still at sea while father and son bond over accounts. As there are an audience member gives him some words to actually use. Harry wings it and manages to get the correct and gains a round of applause. The first thing he has gotten right during the whole run.

Introducing Henry Lewis as Olly Bottomdeck

The captain tells his son they are after the derrick crystal which is slightly different than anything they had before. The repeat world to flash to Cairo and then back to the ship for the most pointless flash back. They need to get it to the jewel. All of the characters introduce themselves and walks in Olly bottom deck in the roll by Henry Lewis who looks completely lost by the whole puns of the octopus. They put him on the spot and see if he can make it and Oscar really milks it. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard and felt so guilty about my suggestions.

Mary is on her way to Cairo to meet her family and meet their son in Cairo. They are slightly obsessed with Rice and despite holding the key to the saving their son then they will make it to the ship and catch up! Will Mary make it their first with her chicken against the pirate ship. She wants o get the jewel. before him.

But flash back to the ridiculous council of ridiculousness. To clarify the man in charge is the mayor of whopping and the crazy council. The mayor has no power and bingeworthy left the mayor in charge. Of course, they have no idea of what on earth is going on! They hear the news that the captain is going after the jewel which could bring them all down. They need to find a steal to get to the jewel.

The pirates make it to Cairo and get to the pyramids and they need to get into the pyramid to get the jewel which is guarded by the sphinx. The director cuts to the Sphinx who is on a date with a chicken and runs riddles for her to get her starter. Cut back to the happy couple right before Samantha is killed in the pyramid. They enter and walk backwards through the pyramid with a slight malfunction of the green screen. Samantha falls into a pit of sticks and dies horribly.

The have to leave her where she was and go back to the Sphinx who was the one which actually dated the chicken. IT has a little bit of an awkward start. But the sphinx offers three riddles to answer with some of the most awful riddles I have ever heard. They managed to answer them all they ask the poor chicken and grill poor Nancy what an amulet is. Which opens the door and finally giver her the starter?

They make it onto the next level. Meanwhile the other chicken is sleeping with Mary on the boat. Somehow, she managed to get through everything before the rest of the pirates and grabbed the amulet. They are ready to take a soul once the crew realise, they have been beaten to the jewel.

The captain and the crew arrive at the heart of the pyramid. Somehow the chicken magically arrived in the pyramid from the boat. They argue over the jewel and the amulet. In a twist they take the life of their own son. Well, he took his own life surprising the captain. But the captain extracts his son’s soul and runs off. The council enters in complete confusion over what they want and they join teams to get the mayor his hat back and they will get the jewel and stop the captain.

Through a beautiful ballet montage lead by the mother, they find the captain hiding in the room of terracotta pots and has forgotten to have the correct hat. They have no control over any of the props and spend the time arguing over who wants what. They cut back to Oscar giving them a chance to get the correct items for the scene. Poor Henry has to double check what everything is. The mayor will take his hat away and then the whole council can disappear and make the whole story line a lot simpler while the council leaves. The hat doesn’t even fit the mayor.  After all of that. After the most ridiculous Rap in order to get rid of the council and now instead of filling some plot holes they go home to fill in some pot holes. This whole thing is utterly confusing!

Paul offers himself up with a sacrifice in order to allow the pirate captain to bring back his son. Charlie appears from nowhere to the horrible parents and then even Egbert the other chicken appears. Together they all make their way out onto the high seas. The captain entrusts the amulets to the pair of chickens. The whole charade ends with the son begging for them all to move on and find out what happened to the amulet lady. The two powers must separate from the chickens. With some egg exchange they take their separate ways.  Oh wait they leave the door open for a trilogy. The sister that they lost ages ago. Could that of been her on the look out that had been searching for different things but did she know that it was her family who had been there all along.

Is this the end…. I certainty hope not. That was soo good.

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