Mischief Movie Night In #12

Today is sequel Sunday! So they are going to perform a movie and then do the sequel to it right after. What could they choose! Some of the requests for the film include a Artic survival film, a futuristic cop film and a swash buckling pirate movie! PIRATES PIRATES!!!! The film is going to be a pirate one called the penguin double decker. Personally I would have gone for Saturn’s sorrow and it is called look out. Oh and the Henrys are back so prepared for all the madness with Dave going crazy and Harry forgetting his line! There is going to be some pirate ballet, someone who likes to play pick up sticks and the musicians are going to try and throw them off. Let’s start to play Look out!

The ship has a captain Trudo and a first hand called Sampson. They have lost relatives a long the way but they may find him later in the show. The captain reads a letter while the chicken mischief and they have a really close relationship. Oscar flashes to a scene where the captain has a strange relationship with his wife. He reads the letter which has a special compass which will lead him to what his heart desires. This will bring him to the island where their son might be. Mary waits impatiently at home with the other chicken.

They make way to head out and find the captains son. The 11 year old lost on an island. With an ho hum and an inappropriate chicken they will find their goal. The song is pretty good with some good orchestrations together. Meanwhile the pick up sticks guy is gutted that rest and relaxation has been taken away. Sampson and Samantha reminisce what it like to be in a place that has pickup up sticks. They have small lives and dreams to dream about just having a wooden home! All they compare  everything is about sticks. While the rest of the crew preform ballet around them. Henry Lewis does a nice faceplant in the floor before they arrive at the island.

Meanwhile on the Island Charlie the “11” year old played by Harry which he has already forgotten has been studying for his accounting exam and hair cut. Charlies fake dad has no imagination and tells him not to be  creative. As the ship arrives they sent him to his room. Harry forge ts the whole story line while arguing with the help! And just keeps on arguing.

They pirates land on the island where the captain is leading through the jungle to find the amulet the man uses to control his son. Captain tells the crew of the story when he was captain Hendrix and the man he hates which I have forgotten. Oscar yells at the captain for being a little confused. He was even wearing the lost hat. Nancy asks as the chicken to explain what an amulet is which sends Oscar over the edge yelling about how hopeless everyone is and they have to do 2 of these shows! One everything is cleared up the scene cuts to biggles worth and the ridiculous elders.

Biggles worth recognises the council as being ridiculous and they have an argument over who is more ridiculous. Leading to a dance off between the two groups so three ridiculous elders and  who have a ridiculous dance off which left me crying! After the dance off it cuts back to the captain who seems to have lost his way. So they launch the chicken through the air over the island to Charlies window. The chicken reaches him and gets him to eat and egg and restore his memory.

But they use the amulet to whip her memory and send her back to the captain. Nancy forgets that she has forgotten. It’s so complicated. Two parties need to split up and go rescue Charlie and pretend that they know what is going on. After a couple of debates they come up with a plausible plan. Well when I say plausible I am not quite sure that anyone apart from Henry Lewis has a clue what is going on here! Oscar is completely losing the plot.

Bigglesworth sees the ship leaving and scared look out by telling her to be a look out and look out again. The captain and trudo put look out into an even deeper sleep with a gentle cuddle. They climb the tower and Charlie alert the guards that there are intruders. While happy go lucky music plays while they perform the saddest scene in the movie when his father gets taken away. Poor Harry just stares at the camera with absolutely no idea what is going on. Oscar cuts the scene with the captain having a hair cut and then he may be executed once that is done.  

Charlie was going to shoot his own father after doing his accounts with no information but turns the tides when he shoots  Biggles worth instead revealing that he remembers everything. They make it out with Sampson doing a solo fight with the crow man who he played himself to free them. Charlie remembers everything as they rap up the scenes to go in search for the mayor of whopping? And go for another amulet in Egypt and the other characters wrap up. Only look out doesn’t change as she continues to look out even through bigglesworth is gone. The major of whopping will chase them to Damograph. He returns the ridiculous council for the end scene. Biggleworth survived and they need to LOOK OUT

To be continued!……

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