Mischief Movie Night #14

It’s valentine’s day weekend and we are back for the specials starring Emmy – Bryony and Nancy in the director’s chair to shake it up a little bit this week. What will this week’s theme be? Oh, Nany is playing Emmy. Here we go! Will Oscar be on the stage? Who will make a star appearance? I can hear Henry Lewis in the background. Who is going to be at social media corner? Aww no sign of Oscar performing. Nancy has such a nervous excited energy. The suggestions for tonight are the comedy mysteries like scooby doo, a war film, a joyful stunt heavy action film. There are so many rounds of laughter as poor Nancy doesn’t get any positive ideas. The location for tonight is in a ballet school. The movie is called “What’s the pointe?” The awards are flower arranging lenny Clements and the most under whelming reveal for the night.

WE open with the head teacher and the prodigy of the ballet school. I just forgot how funny the last group ballet scene was. They are at the New York city ballet company with the French faculty and students. Harry plays Jackont so let’s count how many times he forgets his own name!  His mother is Margherita! We will see! He recreates the pirouette into something called the wild spin we want to use for the best dancer in New York award. But he is distracted by a girl suson. Another name for him to remember.

In Susan’s apartment she is with her flatmate but the break house protocols and they are checked by the random house protocol police. Emmy pauses it to go through the house protocol rules and the poor guards actually have no idea what the rules are an argue throughout the scene. We discover that the film is set in the 90s because her nokia is ringing with the classic ringtone from about 20 years ago. Jackmont invites her on a trip to the Eiffel tower with most of this story not making any sense.

With a mix of French cliches and the poor Susan not having an idea what he is saying they board Concorde and they make it straight to the tower. Emmy points out Jackont is only saying eye in French and not eyes so he keeps getting tounge tied and running out of things to say to her. By the way where is the mystery in this? Poor Susan is worried about the relationship he has with his mother.

Beside them the card gamer becomes a flower vender and everyone hates Lenny Clements flowers. He talks to them that he appreciates their love of his work and jumps off the tower. They head back on Concorde and are met by a shocking mystery. They are met by two men with bad news and shocking news. The mother has been killed and Jackmont has been evicted from the flat. Mixed in with some mediocre news that its raining which tips over the edge.

He gets investigated by the group of mystery investigators who are some random teenage investigate him who start to torcher him to get the truth. While Nancy tells at them to tone it down the guys keep taking it further and further until poor Harry is on the ground getting his life threatened. Too much testosterone in the room, they have been stuck inside too long. They let him go and go to the scene of the crime and meet the janitor confesses to a crime but what. This ensures a classic scooby doo chase scene which is really funny and classical. Turns out the janitor only had committed the crimes of fraud or money. The girl goes off to investigate Susan after getting her name wrong and here comes a guys only Broadway musical about taxis.

The screen gets blocked from a curtain to one of the weirdest musical numbers I have ever seen. Talking about hailing a taxi the music getting cut off right before the end and the taxi comes. The poor guys who aren’t the strongest of singing get chosen to sing and Nancy cuts the scene and turn back to the audience to ask who the team should interrogate next. The gang go to interrogate Susan who was there in Paris when the murder happened. Susan denies having anything to do with the murder and they flash back to a teaching scene from the past with her and Margarite. It turns out the Jackont does not look like his mother. Susan was there when the janitor was hired and Margherita threatens her not to mess with her son.

Henry playing Shaggy sounds like he has not gone through puberty yet. They point out that the flatmate was the one in the background who was in the right country when it the murder happened. They might have admitted to shooting him in the foot but they go to talk to the flatmate. The janitor/flatmate is cleaning and they find a red ballet shoe with no string. Despite having a good story, they find the flaw in his story when they spot the hole in the friend’s episode theory. I love that they knew it wasn’t ross who got the turkey on his head it was JOEY.

They’ve had too much free time! Shaggy’s voice is getting worse and worse. Shaggy has to work out who the murderer was and it was Sam who has the house manager hostage with a string. Sam wanted Susan all along so he killed Margarite because he wouldn’t let her in and tried to get Jackont killed. He also points out that not eating in your apartment was a terrible rule! The house manager randomly shoots the dog of the mystery group for no reason. They reveal that Sam is not Sam but a random called Dan who no one is really sure what on earth is going on and why. Dan talks about friends and as he falls out of the window they perform a ballet performance. With an abrupt ending and the ghost of his mother appears and ends it all. What an amazing and utterly confusing homage to Scooby doo! There was a couple of sound issues like explosions which scared the cast. Tomorrow is going to be hosted by Bryony! Cannot wait!

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