Mischief Movie Night #15

The fall of Kershaw!

I know I say this every week but that was the best performance yet!

Tonight, I missed work for this show and it was totally worth it! Oscar is back in the hot seat with the crazy hair and Henry Lewis with a nearly cut off beard and all of our cast favourites back. Oh, little did we know what Harry Kershaw had in store for us this time. Tonight’s choice was a temple for an adventure movie called “The temple of the Red Giraffe.”

The show started with Gilderoy Sampson teaching his class about how his father went in search of the red giraffe jewel which had been lost for a long time. Nancy and Dave starred as the leads as the class call Gilderoy a fraud and leave. Nancy discovers there is a hidden map in his fathers cane which soon gets be forgotten. The head back to the house to get the equipment that they need for the adventure. But they are met by head of the university and his crap magician friend who seem to have been trying to get into the equipment.

The equipment is guarded by a pirate and a a mushroom troll goblin. Henry Lewis sits back with folded arms and asking how hard can it be after all of his ones. Poor guy keeps getting left with all of the suggested characters in order to torture him now! The pirate gives a weird rhyme which had the answer of pirate. The mushroom goblin had a lyric through dance which had the answer of mushrooms which enrages Henry and ends up with a vial of blood in a flibbity jibbet language. Oscar was freaking out the whole time. Will he be pushed to a mental breakdown tonight?

They fly to Madagascar and things don’t seem to be really seem to be adding up with a guide who knows everything they need to. In the night at camp, they are perved on rather than watched by the dirty Henry’s. Who knew that Henry Shields was such a slayer? When they are woken up at 4 am to go on the adventure. Oscar pauses to yell at them for the lack of adventure so far. But did we know what we were in for. On comes Harry Kershaw as the salacious filing cabinet who takes all of their trousers.

On comes the musical number which can be described as the most terrible amazing thing that has been seen on this show before. “You know what they say, you gotta put your trousers in the Cabinet.” The whole cast got behind him despite the obvious confusion being paused by Oscar who was losing it. Back to the chorus where he simply repeats the same thing over and over and shakes his booty. He went for one more verse and got cut off by the end of the music but the cast let him do the exact same chorus again. The scene cuts back to poor Dave Hearn crying with laughter and squeaking that he needs a minute.

It’s been asked if there is anything Dave Hearn can’t do, the answer watch Harry sing with a straight face!

Back to the adventure they start going through the temple and all the tricks. They make it through to the neck of the giraffe and find the father and mother standing there with the jewel. And before long there is a battle which ends up with the leader being killed. The villains take the jewel and destroy the mother and father. But Tracy only need to drop blood on the jewel to destroy it which they found in the house. Henry Lewis proves his strength putting Henry Shields on his shoulder and chasing them.

Tracy and the guide make it out of the temple and there are confronted by the spirit of the jewel which turned out to be her own father and no one made it out. The scene cuts to Tracy going back to the university and teaching others of their story. The story sort of cuts back to Harry Kershaw singing his rendition of Trousers in the cabinet. Oscar was left eating his words as the cast cheers him on and twitter went crazy! With utter joy of the awful! But here is the clincher! Oscar will be performing tomorrow so bring on the show so shall we see the revenge we have all been craving with Oscar tormenting him all the way through! What a show! I laughed so hard!


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