Mischief Movie Night In: The Valentine’s Day Special

Tonight, back in the hot seat is Oscar. He had the weekend off and we had two fantastic shows and are anxiously awaiting this romantic special. What I want to know is what is the death count so far? There seems to be so many bodies throughout the last performances. There is a strong air of excitement tonight as we all gather for this special. I submitted a number of ideas for tonight’s show which I am hoping will be used. Tonight’s show ideas are for the show to be set in a leisure centre from the guy who create Delta Von Curshell, or a fashion house, and prison. The winning option is a prison. There might be some gang violence in this one. Tonight’s title is “The Love behind bars!”

In this show we enter to the prison which is a happy gentle place run by the warden who has had a dog for over 30 years. It was a very old dog. We meet two prisoners one who has been falling in love with a  warden that he has never met and the other who has a partner Raoul who lives in the different part of the prison. They go to sleep with a tender tucking in and night night from the rest of the prison and a lovely lullaby to send them off to sleep.

In the kitchen and the library are two workers who declare their feelings for each other and the joy of working at the prison. They spend a lot of time flirting and making similies before Nancy breaks out into a show stopping smash and at the line of walnut lattes are good for your mental health. Oscar screams and pauses questioning how a song can’t just contain any old rubbish and get away with it so she gives a very detailed account of how the walnut lattes are food for your health with the rest of the number. It was utter nonene for sure!

The inmates are gathered for a funeral of the wardens dog which is not taken seriously causing him to snap and with the help of his guard causing all of the privileges taken away from the prisoners, even drinking water. If the guards are caught consorting with the prisoners they get released but everyone wants to stay in the prison.

In their individual cells on the green screen messages get passed through the wall itself. Oscar yells at them about this, his pen shaking hard in the directors chair! They try to remain together but get pulled apart as the warden goes down a dark path. The kitchen lady gets fired and together with the guard they try to talk the warden round. Meanwhile all of the prisoners are separated and being made to dig with a barbaric musical number from Henry Lewis. Raoul and whatshisface share the longing look of all looks.

Before things go to far they bring the warden a puppy to bring him round. The prisoner and the guard finally meet properly and declare their love which makes zero sense as pointed out by Oscar. They keep going and end the show with a beautiful number with representations of all love types of love. I think this was important despite the obvious story flaws and general nonsense. It was great to have Oscar back to his normal break downs!

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