Mischief Movie Night: The Penultimate Episode

Mischief Movie Night: The penultimate Episode

Tonight, might have been one of the most difficult audiences so far on movie night in. The audience has voted for a pantomime. It was mostly a British audience but the show is being streamed to 33 countries which I am guessing hardly any of them know what a pantomime is. If you look up the panto online but there are a lot of cliches that we pay a lot of money for. Watching it without the normal drunk audience and children lead to hilarity. It was to follow the vague story of Cinderella but being called Wishing for WishyWashy.

We meet the princess who has been working hard to look after her family. She has an ugly sister and mother and a father who simply gives advice by hanging off the curtain rail to try and keep the heat in their cold house. The princess wishes just to be a famous potter and have everyone bowing down to her.

In the field she has a horse side kick also known as Henry Lewis who helps her make her pottery. The buttons character is at the art gallery with the double entondra lady who turns everything into an innuendo. He just wants s0omeone who will appreciate the pottery world. The princess turns up to clean and meets him and they have an instant connection. But looming in the back ground was the grammar wizard. He grants her wish to be the worlds greatest potter but there is a cost.

Buttons watches as she descends to the fate of fame but the cost is that she is losing all of her words slowly and turning away from her friends and family while forgetting her nouns or even what a noun is. Buttons wants to help her as she slowly descends into a brainless weirdo. He travels to the forest of bad grammar where the brain boggled weirdos with very poor grammar reside.

The mad doctor!

After being thoroughly irritated the fairy appears who says that to help her, they have to defeat the wizard with flirtatious math conundrums. They travel back to save the princess and defeat him with some basic calculus. The wizard gives her brain back and she stops herself from ever wanting fame again. There is a really weird moment with the he’s behind you but it just shows that pantomimes are suited for one point in the year and they really don’t work without the magic of Christmas. Not the best show but it was funny as Harry Kershaw was pressured into doing everything including making a song about cooking an egg.

Henry Lewis broke danced

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