Over the Henge: Mischief Movie Night Returns

While the cast have been away filming another Tv series and we have been getting out of lockdown, Mischief have appeared out of the dark to bring us back Mischief Movie night which got us out of the depths of winter. Safe to say we are all a little out of practice with this and have much better haircuts. But something we all need in our lives is a little bit of Harry Kershaw! With some new actors and Oscar already losing the will to live after 10 minutes! Oh, what a joy!

The usual audience participation, the historic drama set in the stone age “Over the Henge” starts us off with some weird flirting straight off the back of the stone age. Harry Kershaw throws them all off within his first lines and the marvellous Nancy shows some creepy voices as she accompanies the stone king, who is being attacked by the enemies at stone Penge. To be honest I’m not really sure who the characters are tonight. Got to love seeing everyone knowing nothing about the historic period.

The scene cuts to the king’s daughter Penelope who is pursued by a man with a helmet who is in love with her but doesn’t know her name as pointed out by an exasperated Oscar. The green screen has been upgraded and some how the pair are attacked by a dinosaur and a horse in front of the characters who can’t quite work out how to escape them. Oh, I have missed the Oscar/Kershaw interactions.

Meanwhile the king is being bathed outside of a bath and talk about their aging (27) and want to go off and stand up to the attackers. Meanwhile Penelope gets a rock star which can make her body swap and give it to her daughter who is going to go off with the king. She gets given a real start that can’t quite keep up with her hands. On comes a musical number about taking over the men with a musical the number “over the henge”. The new actress really brings it with Nancy singing one of the best numbers on the show while the men march and add some baritone. To finish off this group number Kershaw walks Infront of the camera on his own and has to get pulled off screen. They really seem to be back in the zone!

Joffrey goes to relieve himself and gets felt up by the talking bushes while the king stands there. Meanwhile Penelope emerges on the scene and swaps body with Jeoffrey while simply swapping props and utterly confusing each other. This girl is amazing and comes to exercise her rights as a woman. The scene spirals as it always does with the horrendous voice changes and utter confusion. Of course, this gets stopped by Oscar and the princess and the king share a lovely moment and then he gets unnecessarily murdered.

Kaleb the king of west Penge claims the throne and squares off against Penelope, poor Dave Hearn isn’t quite keeping in with the scene. This new girl is ruling the show. But the tides turn and Kaleb tells her that she is trapped in Jeoffrey’s body. Not really sure where this is going. Meanwhile body swapped pineapple is with Horacio, but he isn’t Horacio but he is Tommy Bahama who has his llama. It’s a weird idea. I think Henry shield is losing it a bit tonight. No one is in their actual body which gets paused cause we have no idea what is happening!

All they have to do to swap back is to say that they love each other. Why does Jeoffrey sound like a pirate? But Penelope has found her way forward as she takes her place. But what happened to Kaleb and the mother. Tommy/Horacio proposes a thropple and all the ideas of monogamy goes out the window. Anyone noticed the Kershaw hasn’t face the camera all night. This is the least murder show they have all done. At the end of the stone age Kershaw announces the bronze age which is fixed by Henry because they have been going on about steel all night. As Penelope is named queen, they end with a musical number of just everyone grunting to a sort of see shanty to the age of steel. It’s a good one but I’m not really sure what was happening once again but I was laughing and that is the most important part. Bring on the next month of this and the antics getting more out of control and confusing and more Oscar vs Kershaw banter! WOOOO!

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