Mischief Movie Night: Number god knows what!

Mischief Movie Night: Number god knows what!

Back at it tonight! It’s Friday and I have seen that there is going to be a sequel Saturday and a trilogy (Tuesday?)  to look forward to. Oscar starts off by wishing someone a non-birthday happy birthday to the family in the zoom. Is it going to be a dystopian film or a murder mystery tonight! After getting the heathers mixed up and getting another birthday wrong, we might also have a sport which doesn’t need athletes. This is going to be a mess already I can tell! Tonight, it’s a murder mystery set in the land of cheese with some covid safe kissing and hulla fullulah and tonight is Charlie Russell’s debut!

Mr Bones wakes up to the “Rabbit did it” which scares him and he talks about going on a holiday. My Bones works himself to the bone. Mr Bones has been having lucid dreams including one in the park where he terrifies poor Kershaw on the bench and the whole audience. To be honest the first scene not much happens but then they cut to the wensleydales where they hotel gets shown off by Fullulah BBallulah who can’t quite rhythm. Oscar stops her as she forgets to rhythm and even argues with Kershaw. She is forced to do a monologue only using queen and seventeen over and over again to ends of her crying and Oscar getting more annoyed.

Meanwhile the hotel owner tells his son he can’t have his 18th rabbit and instead buys him a snake. Kershaw comes in hot and heavy tonight, to be honest I’m not really sure what is going on! Mr Bones arrives for his holiday and get stuck into the murders right away that Mr Bone’s wasn’t able to solve. Can they solve it? Nancy is really bringing it hot and heavy, why did he go back to the hotel on holiday where no one likes him.

Mr Bones takes the woman to the hotel and they have a fight about why he can’t get rid of work and is shut into the cheese room with inappropriate cheese quips been thrown everywhere. Meanwhile Fulluhlah is dead in another room but before she goes there is time for another rhythm. “I was stuffed with a cheese puff!” The talent tonight is amazing. Even Kershaw is being out shown for simply a few minutes before he accuses the inspector of being at the hotel after every murder when accused but pointed out that that’s due to the him coming to solve them. Morricotta aka Kershaw won’t let it drop! Here comes the weirdest argument ever!

Whilst playing with a snake Bones interrogates the witnesses so does maricotta cross examinate everything and it gets a little out of control.  Then moving down to the cheese fondue jacuzzi the sun admits to the murder of Fulluhlah. IT was the rabbit all along in the James lucid dream. They enact out the memory of the murder by the rabbit. With a bit of a terrifying rabbit eating the pet shop owner.

To stop the murders, they must blow salt into the wind which will make a portal into the dream which ends up Oscar screaming at the bullshite. Oscar gets to the point where he is yelling at the audience and the cast whilst the new willie Wonka stops them in their dream with alliteration. Kershaw murders him to get rid of him and they run away from the person they have been looking for all this time. After a lot more nonsense and finding a new character.

They find the girl they have been looking for, the original murder that could never been solved. She was trapped in her brother’s mind and she’s trying to stop the rabbits from killing everyone else. Somehow the rabbits were doing it. Anyone else know what a mind dream is? They kill the rabbits before the portal closes and they save Jane and stopped the murdering rabbits. What the hell is this movie? They saved the life of a woman who was trapped in the mind of a person who wasn’t alive as long as she was trapped?

They end the show on a cheese which turns into a Kershaw number where he just sings cheddar and look how happy we are? Trying to make this song explain the story and it really doesn’t help but it was funny and two new debuts! In Hounds of Wensleydale!

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