Mischief midnight madness!

The exhaustion sends them over the edge!

Tonight, is another crazy one! Let’s recap what happened at the last midnight show! Well, everyone was slightly losing it! The story got very exaggerated and it started the war of Kershaw vs Oscar with revenge being sought and won by both. So tonight, starts with a space angst teenage musical with some of the craziest characters.


Tonight, starts off with a musical about Space high and tonight is going to a mess of love story between Susan and billy who are the angst teenagers who think everything is RAD and poor Susan has to name all these space facts which we know if not always the strong point of these poor actors; coming up with random facts about everything on point. She kept taken out of her misery and my internet fails.

The video reloads to Niall ransom being chased around by the hay fever man who makes everyone sneeze and Oscar speeds up the scene making the poor actor nearly wet himself. Henry shield comes forward as a new character Wulliam, a 19th century 19-year-old who has a simple-minded brother. They decide to get together and couple up together in the weirdest couples.

My internet cut out again. I need to watch this down stair. So many quips get thrown in and the couple have a stand off in the skatepark ready to go into space they have RAP hamilton-esk number getting ready to go into space. Oscar pauses the music to give them A COMPLIMENT. I’m not sure if this has ever happened before. The group agree to work together and get together but it is pointed out that Susan is faking her stupidity for a guy who calls her Stacey.

Her reflection even says she is stronger so while Charlie Russell sings about knowing her name which is pretty good. Her poor reflection Henry Lewis has to copy her every move she makes which gets ridiculous with Henry ending up falling over with her creepy dancing with her getting yelled at by her own reflection. Charlie sings “You know your name, its not what a man calls you.” And every man in the scene keeps coming up and yelling different names so she just screams it back at them. I think the caffeine might have gone to everyone’s head.

Let me show you…around

Billy has a heart to heart with his dad that doesn’t quite go to plan with them getting too close being squished in by the walls. Poor Wulliam is stuck in the scene and they sing about disappointment which Wulliams brother squeezes in and they get awfully close together. The scene cuts to tall Wulliam (the brother) with his new heart throb and it’s a little like a sitcom which Wulliam. I love it that when he sits down, they are at eye level when she’s standing up. They sing in Shakespearean English and sing together about being together.

Cutting to the next morning the rocket is ready to go and Oscar pauses it to get the audience involved for the rocket to set off. Not quite sure what this mission is going to be. The rocket takes off. The captain goes out to drop off the food parcels to the ISS but Billy keeps ignoring Susan/Stacey when Wulliam won’t let him get away with ignoring her and getting her name wrong. Billy seems to be calling Wulliam Mary Poppins but that is a tangent.


They hit the father sending the package away and Wulliam tall brother takes off his helmet and dies on the spot, I’m not really sure how? Ahh the helmet holds his brain in. Billy sees Susan for who she really is as he goes out to save his father. There is only one line and they get the father back. But the helmet is gone and Wulliam screams at them to get the helmet so they grab the space helmet which from previously shown to be too small for Henry Lewis’s head and force him to talk through the muffled.

And what did he see in the space brain moment. He had a cooking vision which was random in the middle of the scene where they nearly made it through a whole show without being inappropriate and tonight it was Nancy who was the antagonist. They make a human rope and get Billy back for everyone to make reconciliations with Oscar begging them to finish cause it gone over. They make very fast connections; if only life could be so simple.

They finish with a very cheesy number filled with parts of the other numbers; fill yourself with happy thoughts. I don’t know what it is but Henry shields Wulliam is a really swanky character? Poor other Willuim is still being stifled by the helmet. It’s a really nice happy musical number to finish with and what a rousing performance. Who knew that exhaustion could bring out such another mad performance! No revenge in this one but they will be back tomorrow before the football! Can’t wait! For the show not the football!


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