Wanting the world for a penny

In the cut throat world of business, what do you need to do to fight your way to the top? In a world where CEOs are paid 157 times as much as their employees at the bottom of the pyramid, what sacrifice does it take to work your way up there? But whose expense should it be? The employer or the employee?

Does work make you happy? Not so much if you're in developed world | Ipsos

Coming from personal experience in trying to break into an industry. A boss leading by example doing back breaking hours, no work life balance, expecting others to comprise their health and even safety to meet their expectations. If this is what it takes, then should work really be that hard?

If you go onto LinkedIn then there are so many stories of people having hundreds of interviews yet never getting a position. People breaking their backs to get experience and ending up never getting their foot in the door. A new trend in the job market is companies not advertising their pay, hours and expectations because they are too ashamed to put them up there as no one will apply. Or companies wanting people ready made with all the experience but not willing to pay for it.

This is such a big issue which is not being talked about as employers are the one holding the power but at the end of the day the employees are the one with the power. If they hold themselves up to the standard that they deserve, then it will be the employer’s problem that no one is willing to take the roll. Employees have the ability to bring ideas, diversity and enthusiasm into a company. They can thrive and grow and so will the company around them.

If employers aren’t willing to invest in people, then why should they invest in them. Some of the best jobs aren’t about the pay checks and the benefits but about the experience and atmosphere that is supportive and some of the best productivity rates. Instead of looking for that golden worker why not train a green one up, give them time to learn and don’t set the expectations through the roof to help them.

Talking to anyone who has felt like this; know that you are strong and worth it. A c.v is just a sheet of paper which can show what you can bring. Find something that supports you and lights your fire; gets you up in the morning and helps you to climb the ladder. Not only that but creates a cycle so that you can help those who come after you. A positive, supportive and most of all not an exploitive work place. It might be a dream but together we can make it a reality!

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