Covid Cast: Full Capacity!

Last weeks sequel was cancelled due to a positive covid case so tonight is going to be interesting including the return of some of the previous cast! Let’s get started! The whole new cast are in for the night with a full audience but joining the cast is Henry Lewis on video stream to be involved in the show on about a 5 second delay from the whole show. Tonight’s film is going to be a school reunion: Back to the Tutor. Oscar is the only one joining as the whole cast had to isolate from Sunday!

Christine brings the car round and only having half of it being there. Oscar interrupts within 30 seconds to yell at the new cast. Anna and James are making their way to the school reunion. Anna is desperate to impress her old friends with her side piece but James gets flirted with by the other classmates. James Bond is his name; Oscar was losing his marbles within the first five minutes.

Another character arrives with her busty, confident grandmother who has several harsh words for her granddaughter who is ready to take her to the reunion. In her neon green dress with her grandmother by her side how can things go wrong. Louise the bully and her friend Marcus discuss how Louise still resents Anna. Marcus exclaims this update is BOILING HOT NEWS! Oscar wants to get the news channel boiling hot news at 6. It seems like we have the new Henry Shields pushing the boundary as he reports that celebrities are going to get their genitals out which sends Oscar into disgust yet again. Flash back to the scene where Marcus and Louise plan to take it out on Anna and get their own back.

The old head teacher (Henry Lewis) on the video cuts in where the head master on MUTE! He has a car competition randomly allowing Lewis to show off his skills. The teachers welcome the students back with a bagpipe song all in harmony (not quite) if it’s the 40th reunion then the staff must be in at least their 80s to 90s. Some of the strange subjects they were taught was horse riding, play, familiar and unfamiliar relations, golfing, chemistry and maths, personally I would have loved to go to that school.

Anna makes her entrance with the top F note and greets her friend Miranda with her grandma and the toy boy stands in the background. All seems to be going well as Anna and Miranda separate off to play golf, with some random freaky flirting introduces another love story. I’m not sure if all these characters just fancied the pants off each other. After a pretty good melody the story gets more complicated. The grandma and James discuss why she is alone and she describes henry Lewis’s next character which sounds ridiculous.

They are interrupted by Louise who joins them and starts vibing with James Bond. I feel like he has a little bit of a thing for everyone.  Louise and James are given aphrodisiac which ends up with James and Louise having their clothes ripped off figurately. Anna walks in shocked with James trying to say it wasn’t wahat it looked like but Anna was getting her own hole in one and the video gets stuck on boomerang. James runs away distraught at only being treated as a side piece while the Scottish teacher sips tea and enjoys herself on the side.

Enters Bertie (Henry Lewis) as his next character after being choked to death by the smoke machine. Bearded, horn rimmed glasses and bearded Bertie appears. All with sudden Scottish accents, they act through the video and it actually comes off really sweet as he reassures her that she is doing what she needs. This might be the sincerest performance from Henry Lewis I’ve seen. Grandma has stolen some of the goose fat and is going to get ready for Bertie when they get home. Great work Lewis!

Oscar has lost all sense of the plot and brings Marcus back in scene revealing Louise’s plan. Christine intervenes sticking up for Anna to Marcus and revealing her love. Hearn shows all of his depth and comedy as a character and is totally savage today. I wish he would be back for more as he sashays away from the scene and lives his best life on the dance floor.

The end of the movie gets rushed by Oscar and poor Bryony falls over as he yells pause and Dave rushes to her side but gets stopped by Oscar. Louise gets covered in goose fat and Nana falls and goes up to join Bertie in heaven as Anna and Christine get together at once. Bryony makes her exit to Bertie walking up the stairs towards him over Zoom as he desperately tries to unmute himself. The atmosphere is amazing with a full house. They all celebrate in the night club with Marcus and James Bond, Hearn dances his heart out with no end and Oscar pauses it to give them the break as he sweat and keeps going. What an ending to the first show back especially with all the casting difficulties as all of Sunday’s had to go into isolation. What a great cast to come in the last minute. Please don’t faint Dave and I look forward to the sequel of Croydonosaurus.

Boiling hot boys club

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