Edinburgh Fringe; Mischief Magic

Today I thought, f*** it. Work cancelled on me. I had a crap experience with the fringe the previous week and I wanted to see another Mischief show. Everyone was busy. I was feeling lousy so I booked myself some tickets to the fringe. It gave me an insight of what my life would be like if I was in London; skint but with a lot of theatre. It can take a bit of time to get that feeling from theatre. I absorb so much that it sometimes doesn’t come but I got it back in Edinfringe no less with this wonderful cast again.

If you have followed this blog site you know I have been a little rubbish at keeping up with the posts since last year (sorry!). I’ve had a really hard year and don’t really feel like myself including keeping up with posts here. I have been ack to London and seeing things locally but something has just changed and I am working my way back to myself or finding out who the new me really is after the last year. Something about today was a new thing, I wanted to do something and the fringe is so close. I booked the shows and went for it.

Mischeif movie night; now I’m not going to give a play by play. I took my cousins there on Tuesday and we got the wrong location so had to run to get to the right one. Online the show was incredible but live it is something different. There is still the director pausing and giving guidance for the show but we can actually see him and see how often he is losing it with the audience. The audience interaction is just as hilarious especially having small children barking out comments during the show.

Todays show was based in hull with a teenage 80s movie. The actors can come up with such incredible story lines despite looking confused for half of the show and forgetting what is going on. I’ve been dying to see what Harry Kershaw is like live and tbh he didn’t  mess up too badly and his singing was incredible. He did start at tuck and roll sequence which made me worried as I read that he has no peripheral vision incase he fell off the stage. Henry Lewis is bonkers, Henry Sheilds has so many different abilities and accents and Charlie Russell is so easy to corpse. I love being able to see the actors losing it on the side of the stage.

The Mind Mangler; member of the tragic circle. This show has a lot of great memories. I got pulled up onto the stage to assist in the tour and I got screamed at by Henry Lewis in the west end version. This show was only the mind mangler; a fresh version with a lot more audience interaction including some more magic which I was astounded by. I’ve always wanted to have my job analysed when he states jobs so when Henry was looking for an outdoor job, I put a hand up and he asked me.

Marine wildlife analyst is quite hard to explain and I had to be careful not to give away confidential information. He asked me if I looked for whales in photos which he got right on and then asked for more and I said we had seen some different species in the UK. He seemed a mix of impressed and confused by it but he managed to get a lot of material out of it. The stooge came on saying he was a marine wildlife expert and discovered whales pointing to the wrong person in the crowd.

It became a running joke where they would refer to my job and then Henry would scream and point at me saying no you didn’t, she discovered it. Even the stooge claiming things it was what other people had done so I got the piss ripped out of me by both of them. At the end (SPOILER) they had a future prediction for what had happened in the show and they put WHALE FINDER in the writing. So they didn’t hear me exactly but they knew what I did.

The show also had a part about working out who had the best secrets. Including one that was an 18 yo drinking on a school trip. One who was scared of magicians and then another who had peed in the smoke machine. When they did the paper bag trick the fan was nearly knocking over the bags and I got screamed at for suggesting the paper bag. Always such a funny trick. For the final part he tried to get numbers off the audience including one girl with a book who complained about ruining the ending. Henry said the man dies at the end as a joke and she yelled’ “It’s about lesbians.” He said he didn’t know what was happening and corpsed. I feel like it was as funny and random a show as Henry experienced and I would love to go back again but it’s on quite late and trains are soooo dodgy atm.

I just wanted to record this for myself more than anything as it was something I had hoped to achieve and I think it will spur me on to try nad see the show again one night. Even though I am absolutely skint. I want to see Charlie Russell’s show but its sold out and I have to work as well.

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