Edinburgh Fringe; Mischief Magic

Today I thought, f*** it. Work cancelled on me. I had a crap experience with the fringe the previous week and I wanted to see another Mischief show. Everyone was busy. I was feeling lousy so I booked myself some tickets to the fringe. It gave me an insight of what my life would be... Continue Reading →

Magic Goes Wrong – Tour

This show has been on the list for nearly two years. I was kicking myself that I didn’t go the February before last to see the original cast performing but fingers crossed for when it returns to the west end. The tour commenced early this year while the main cast were running movie night live... Continue Reading →

Trilogy Day: Ashopolipse Now!

So, after sequel Sunday got cancelled, we are on the edge of our seats for the start of the apocolyse movie. Starting in the high street store with our favourite improvisers and hopefully a lot less faeces! Steffanie and Jack are hauled up in a Greggs watching out of the mutants coming after them. Every... Continue Reading →

Covid Cast: Full Capacity!

Last weeks sequel was cancelled due to a positive covid case so tonight is going to be interesting including the return of some of the previous cast! Let’s get started! The whole new cast are in for the night with a full audience but joining the cast is Henry Lewis on video stream to be... Continue Reading →

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