Mischief Movie Night In: The Valentine’s Day Special

Tonight, back in the hot seat is Oscar. He had the weekend off and we had two fantastic shows and are anxiously awaiting this romantic special. What I want to know is what is the death count so far? There seems to be so many bodies throughout the last performances. There is a strong air... Continue Reading →

Mischief Movie Night #15

The fall of Kershaw! I know I say this every week but that was the best performance yet! Tonight, I missed work for this show and it was totally worth it! Oscar is back in the hot seat with the crazy hair and Henry Lewis with a nearly cut off beard and all of our... Continue Reading →

Mischief Movie Night #14

It’s valentine’s day weekend and we are back for the specials starring Emmy – Bryony and Nancy in the director’s chair to shake it up a little bit this week. What will this week’s theme be? Oh, Nany is playing Emmy. Here we go! Will Oscar be on the stage? Who will make a star... Continue Reading →

Mischief Movie Night In #13

This is Watch Out part two for Sequel Sunday the first part only being performed and created two hours ago. I am so excited and still a little confused as to what on earth happened. They are so excited for what on earth is going to happen and here come some more suggestions. After a... Continue Reading →

Mischief Movie Night In #12

Today is sequel Sunday! So they are going to perform a movie and then do the sequel to it right after. What could they choose! Some of the requests for the film include a Artic survival film, a futuristic cop film and a swash buckling pirate movie! PIRATES PIRATES!!!! The film is going to be... Continue Reading →

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