The Netherlands is this make believe where Peter Pan and Tinkerbell come from. (Joey, Friends) Well it might be if you find yourself in Amsterdam’s red-light district in one of the weed bars. This city is famous for its tolerance of all things weed and sex brings in hoards of tourists. But there is... Continue Reading →


Rome Continuing on with the capital city theme lets take a look at Rome. This city is one of a kind situated right in the middle of Rome. It was said that there were two Brothers who designed the city. These brothers were raised by a wolf and decided to design the city. They were... Continue Reading →

5 Places to in Europe for a Disney Fan

5 Places to in Europe for a Disney Fan Europe is home to the traditional fairy tales such as snow white, tangled and the little mermaid. All have different themes and cultures but is there anywhere that can make you feel like you are there experiencing the princess life. I have a few suggestions where... Continue Reading →

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