First hand account of studying with Dysgraphia

I read so many articles out there. Parents go to site that give generic facts, telling them not to worry but what to expect and how to help. These may be useful but does it really open your eyes to the world of your child. No matter what you might hear Dysgraphia is not in... Continue Reading →

A Letter To Post Covid Me

Hello you, It’s been a while. I’m writing to you from the middle of the second wave. This year has changed so many things. And I’m wanting you to remember who you are and hope that the person you become after this craziness. Let’s just reflect on how this year has gone. It started off... Continue Reading →

Why 00s Rom Coms Suck

Over the last few years feminism has really made a step forward. Woman are becoming more powerful and there are more female heroines than ever before. The dynamics of the woman are changing on the big screen. Check out Birds of Prey for example. Harley didn’t find another guy after her break up she went... Continue Reading →

Returning to writing

  After having a couple of months off to recharge I’m feeling refreshed. Life is beginning to get back to normal minus two important aspects; travel and musicals. These are the pages USP so it’s a little bit of a of an issue. I kept posting throughout lockdown but I have run out of recent... Continue Reading →

Cringewriting Part 2

This piece was more recent but it is one of the only short stories I have actually completed. It's no way copying or claiming credit of the three musketeers. It was just a little bit of fan fiction fun as I was and am obsessed with Porthos. I wanted to try writing something to do... Continue Reading →

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