Cringewriting Part 2

This piece was more recent but it is one of the only short stories I have actually completed. It's no way copying or claiming credit of the three musketeers. It was just a little bit of fan fiction fun as I was and am obsessed with Porthos. I wanted to try writing something to do... Continue Reading →

The Sacrifice of the Youth from Covid.

  Ten years ago to the day I finished school. The recession had hit two years previously and the world went crazy. So many people had been made jobless. Jobs shut down across the country. After graduating with A levels/Highers and having a gap year it really was a hard time to youth. This was... Continue Reading →

Writing worth cringing over

During this lockdown I have had the chance to go through my computer and find some real gems of writing. I have always enjoyed writing but it was five years before I thought anything was good enough to publish. This beauty is the first thing I wrote back in 2013. I've left it unedited for... Continue Reading →

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