The Sarcastic Post Brexit Travel Guide

Step 1: Wait for covid to be over or get the vaccine. Step 2: Update your passport to the new tory colours so that you will be allowed out of the country. Step 3: Apply for a visa to visit the continent you were born a member of and your citizenship taken away by choice.... Continue Reading →

Funny Language Mistakes

Everyone has gone to a different country positive that they can speak the language and ended up failing or annoying the locals or in my case getting a drink name after them! Most of these are from German as I have worked hard at learning it and they aren’t just me. Oktoberfest: Sat at the... Continue Reading →

Travel Guide for Idiots

  Traveling is the best thing in the world. But there are some hard lessons to be learned which can save you a lot of hassle; Plan in advanced You hear all about how people get last minute deals for all include getaway deals. But if you plan a trip well in advanced you can... Continue Reading →

Travelling with nightmare friends

We all have that one person. They are the most amazing friend. Incredibly loyal and fun but sometimes they are a total nightmare. And you end up on holiday with them. I’ve done this with a few people and one who I lived with for four years. You think living together we would get a... Continue Reading →

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