At what age should you stop booking hostels?

  Hostels get a lot of bad press from people telling each other their horror stories. As an avid traveller I have found myself experiencing some horrible situations in hostels. But the good experiences out weigh the bad. I think I have been on one trip in my life which has not involved hostels and... Continue Reading →

Hogmanay (New Year’s) in Amsterdam

  Last year was Xmas abroad, this year I went away for Hogmanay. If anyone doesn’t know, Hogmanay is the new years celebration which happens in Scotland and lasts two full days. It’s mostly a massive piss up to get you through the bitter night but it is a nationally celebrated holiday. So, going abroad... Continue Reading →

Reasons why not to travel in summer

  Traveling is the best way to spend your money on experiences and not processions but there are certainly times of years when the thought of going abroad gives me the boke! Some may agree others may not but these are reasons why I don’t travel in summer. Weather at home; Summer is the best... Continue Reading →

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